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Weed stories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tristan_420, Jul 13, 2017.

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    I remember back when I was 14 I used to smoke a lot and I bought a bong from my dealer at a park. And this one dude came up to me and complimented me on my bong long story short we ended up toking for a little bit. I guess thats how it is when you live in a stoner community.
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  2. Smoked less than a year but I already have plenty of stories:smoking:

    First few nights of getting stoned were kinda crazy. Couldn't stand one night because my leg fell asleep and I was paranoid as hell cuz there was a "cult" chanting near where I was smoking.

    First time I got high was Off a loaded brownie, definitely sativa whatever it was. Literally forgot how to walk for a bit(no really).

    I've had to deal with cops while high a few times, those are always fun.

    Snuck into a cemetery once with a group of people to smoke, was sketchy as hell but was fun messing with my buddy talking about ghosts and zombies coming to eat us.:laughing:

    Scared the shit out of a guy who came to toke at the place I was toking, was pitch black at night and he couldn't see me even though I was 10 feet away, but I could see him Ended up smoking with him after he changed his pants.

    I once showed up to my 8am OFF MY ASS. Imaybe 300-400 students. Sassy black lady for a professor. She called me out for being high as fuck 20 minutes into class. Didn't get in trouble though, she was lowkey cool. Just liked to fuck around with her students.

    Does being black out drunk count? During a blackout out night I apparently smoked an entire gram out of a beer can(I was a lightweight at the time, maybe smoked .10 or less normally to get a good 3-4 hour body locked stone on). I then apparently had the most successful dancing night of my life, dancing with maybe 10-15 girls. I was also apparently slapped hard enough to find a handprint on my cheek the next morning. Apparently left the party about 4-5am, bottle of vodka still in my hand. I also apparently took a 70$ uber out to Austin. I don't know how I made it home, but I woke up on my rooms floor. Crossfaded me luckily had enough sense to aim my head at the bean bag chair, because according to my roommate I "fell asleep while standing". Ahhhh, Risky Business frat parties. Now that was a fun night(or it was from the first half that I remember.) if you know what risky business is, you know it involves not wearing pants. Guess what, I wasn't wearing pants when I woke up and I never found them. Wonder how that uber ride into Austin went... Thank god it's seemingly impossible for me to get a hangover.

    Recently took a roadtrip through Cali to Colorado to Arizona. Lots of weed-induced stories. One of the more notable ones was meeting "Jimmy", a Bay Area drug dealer who had been shot 8 times and carried around 8 grand of weed in a shopping bag. Shit was worth 8 grand too:smoking:
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  3. Damn you have some epic stories
  4. Once I was incredibly fucking high. My bike got stolen so I had to walk 10 miles home. After a while I saw a kfc and decided to get some. I left the sidewalk to walk over the grass and fell right into a creek next to the road. It was quite pleasant so I feel asleep. I woke up an hour later and walked into kfc soaking of mud and water.
  5. My best weed stories always come from college, since those days were my early days as a toker. Weed was also still illegal back then in my state unless you were a MMJ patient, so we had to be really sneaky about it, and really appreciate it as we could take it.

    I remember one time, my roomate and I decided to blaze in the woods behind our university (known as "The Arb" to students) at 2:00am, as we were wired and had no classes the next day anyway. We went to our normal spot, not realizing the twice-annual ourdoor camping trip for the RA's was occuring at the same time, in the spot right next to ours. We went through 2 joints before hearing one of them comment on the weed stench. When we heard one of them get up, we booked it downhill so fast that I nearly took a straight tumble forward.

    We got back to our room and thought we were free of the RA's after twenty minutes or so. Then, we got a knock, and it was one of the RA's. He mentioned that he smelled weed in the woods and wondered if I'd been our smoking. Since I was pretty cool with this guy (I was on hall council too), I was honest and confessed to it, but didn't rat on my friend. He thanked me for my honesty and simply told me to be more careful and not to tell anyone about it.

    I have many more stories; my favorite though is the time my friend learned how to pick the lock to the RD's office door and, at around 1 am, we smoked atleast 2 bowls right in his office, before simply locking up and slipping out. The next day there was a lot of talk about the RD's office smelling like weed, but nothing was ever traced to us and it was crazy XD
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  6. I had a few moments like that in my old college smoke spot right outside my dorm, except we had to run uphill, not down.
  7. In college my friend and i smoked like 5 joints in his dorm. We decided to open the door to the rest of the townhouse to let it air out. Bad idea there was a smoke detector right outside the door. That started going off and it was attached to the other townhouses. So i run down stairs turn the oven on and throw a egg in the pan to set off the smoke detector down there hoping he wouldn't go upstairs and we all ran away. We come back maybe 2 hours later to find the pan outside and one of the public safety guys hung a half smoked joint on the fridge with tooth floss and a post it note that said "your egg didn't work this is your one free pass" good ol frat days

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