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Weed Storage, multiple strains...... HELP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by countzer0, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Well since ive been vaping now for about 9 months ( no smoking anymore)
    I have been saving an incredible amount of weed. I was going through about 1/4 "mediacal grade" a week with the bong but am having 2-3.5 grams left over from each purchase using the vape. I have continued to purchase at the regular rate, and have really started to put back quite a collection. I now have over 32 named strains, most of that is only about 2-3 grams per strain, however as it has been building up, i have been using less of the new bag and more of the put back stuff so alot of these saved strains have 4-5 grams saved.

    I have been putting the bags in a lunch cooler to keep them cool and dry. They were all cured well and mold doesnt seem to be an issue as of yet. However it is a bitch to go in the cooler and find what i want wadin through 30+ bags. Some of the samples are too small to dedicate a mason jar to. What do others use to store and catalog their weed for easy retrieval?
  2. Perhaps some type of smaller, airtight tupperware container?

    You can usually buy some of them in little sets, and they'll easily stack together or whatever.
  3. i know that it might add up but if you go to a craft store or a "Michaels" then they have little air tight jars with good lids for 1 dollar each. depending on the size it can hold an 8er or you can get bigger. hope this helps
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    I dont trust the tupperware (sp?) to maintain air tightness, but small glass jars would be just the ticket ( would just get some when i get new stuff and consider it into the price of herb). $1 seems a bit steep though as a 9 pack of the smallest mason jar goes for $8 at walmart and those are pretty big. I had thought of spice racks but have only found really expensive glass sets and they usually only have 16 jars.

    The only dowside to the small glass craft jars would be how to store 30+ jars easily.

    Today i almost wanted to throw the smaller samples in one big mason jar and mix them up, but then my mind came back to reality and figured that would be sacralige (sp?)
  5. i would check all those buds, i left my buds alone for too long one time and they got moldy.
  6. whatabout

    those little organizer things for fishing lures and shit

    have around 50 or so little compartments you can label

    and just bag em up for freshness and pop em in
  7. get a binder and baseball card holder inserts and organize by strain name a-z lol
  8. saran wrap
  9. tackle box was a good idea for small baggies

    mason jars are effective, but expensive. Tupperware will never fail you though. It seals in the freshness. Freshness.
  10. who cares...indica and sativa difference is all in ur head...ya i felt the differences...but if i wanna go out and do something after smoking a fat blunt of indica ill go do it...control the weed...dont let it contro, u...just be glad u got all this extra weed
    EDIT:i suck at typing
  11. No no no!

    Get a airsealed glass jar.

  12. hahahaha :bongin: at ^

    anyway yeah dude...just bag them...then into a masor jar? or get like a 30 day pill box, and put them in there? i dunno if those would be big enough for all

    your best, cheapest bet is probably craft jars...just find a divider thing...or make one or something
  13. if its costing you space and possibly money to store all these different strains why dont you just pick a nice time to sit down with a few friends and smoke 10 bowls of all different buds? it'll probably be a good session plus you'll get rid of some of that bud and free up some space
  14. medecine vial. free from your local pharmacy. just ask.
  15. best idea, and easy to label.
  16. Mason jars, or for long term storage, vacuum sealed bag and put in the freezer
  17. Maybe black film canisters? Just get a metallic Sharpie and label the strains on the film canister. They're somewhat airtight, and will definitely keep them from drying out as quickly as a plastic bag.
  18. nice problem to have iyam
  19. you could always roll them into joints(gonna have to bust the buds up anyways) and simply put them in medicine vials with code names written ie for pineapple express(i know i know....) just write PE on top

  20. i keep all my weed in little film canisters, you can label them and you can fit up to an 1/8th in there depending on your weed.

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