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  1. Hello all, ive been reading through the forums here on gc for quite a hile but never really posted anything. I just bought a weedstar ghetto bitch from the gc store and paid cash. Does anyone know how long this will take to process and get here? I really need to know because im going out of town. Oh, by the way im in tucson, Az it anyone knows ship time to there. And is this a good water pipe? This is my first WS bong and am kinda nervous as to all the trash ive heard talked about them. Any help/feedback would be great guys,
    Blaze one for me,
  2. just to let you know in advance, almost no one on here is going to have much good to say about a weed star piece. I haven't had any experience with them though, but in my opinion their tubes are sold as being really thin, and I would worry about breaking one. but for the price, they have the most filtration, though I have heard that they also have lots of drag.
  3. Dont listen to people when they say its trash.

    Its is low quality glass. Thats why its so cheap. GC admit its. It fills a gap for higher price stuff and lower price stuff.

    Its good for the money, Just be carefull with them. Dont bang on things. handle with care.

    Deliverary can take from 12days-4weeks. Depends.
    on average 14days.
  4. I knew whn buying it that it was lower quality glass. I just didnt know when people were saying they were shit if that means they were stupid and smashed it on somethin or if they had lotss of drag and hit harsh.

    Oh, it says it has a carb AND removeable bowl. Does it come with a plug or are you expected to hhold the carb the whole time?:confused:
  5. How did you pay cash on a mail order internet site?
  6. first off dont listen to people I still dont know why people keep saying weedstar is thin crappy glass when yet ziggy has videos even here on gc of his stuff being thrown of tables and shit with nothing happening you should be very pleased with your new peice and I hope you enjoy it and let us know how it works for you. Also I cant say what to expect for shipping because I have never ordering anything through gc before.
  7. i've never handled a weed star piece... i'm sure it'll rip fine though, though not all tubes are created equal. unless you've hit a 7/13 toro, or a super quality tube. you won't be dissapointed with ur WS.

  8. You do this thing where you put money in an "envelope" and send it to a specified "address."

    On par with rocket science, I know. :D

  9. Honestly, mailing cash isn't a good idea. There's no way to trace it or cancel it if someone intercepts it unlike a Money order or checks or something. I'm surprised they actually take cash still for online transactions

  10. Hopefully not, as I'd give an envolope of cash around a 10% chance of reaching its international destination. Somehow I suspect that is also not an option GC gives.

    Considering you are mailing envolopes of cash around the country, maybe you should worry about your own rocket science.
  11. I can't speak for the bong itself but from my experience, orders from grass city seem to take around 2 weeks to get to Massachusetts.
  12. Yes, the option is available in gc and i is what i used. I know people who have used the cash choice and worked fine. You just got me a bit worried about losing $80 cash (i bought blunts too) in the mail though now. Regardless i will tell you guys how it hits whenever i get it.
    Did anyone know about the carb issue?
  13. for all the people bashing weed star* you can be quite over that one because they stepping up there glass game...
  14. I'm actually getting a weedstar and a toro next week, i broke 5 high end glass pieces so now my toro is my personal toking piece lol weedstar for friends

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