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Weed smells like puke/dust and gave me a slight panic attack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Daft Funk, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Title says it all. Weed smells like puke/dust/cooked spinach and gave me a slight panic attack. I vaped it, heart started to pound more than usual. Wasn't a enjoyable high.
    Here is a pic. Its dense weed.

  2. OkOmega369 :wave:
  3. Lol fuck I'm so stoned I forgot the question.

    Why does it smell like this? Could it be growing chemicals causing the smell and unusual side effects
  4. Or it could just be some dank with a smelly stank.
  5. Ive had alot of bud that smells like sick. People say it's "proper cheese" idk though but it never gave me a bad high.Sent from my GT-I9300 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. To take care of the bad flavor/smell, water cure it! It will take a few days, but you will be left with some of the ugliest, smoothest-smoking pot you ever had!  You will need a large, wide mouth jar, a small jar lid that will fit into your jar, a few marbles or clean pebbles, and water!
    Put your pot in the jar, put the small jar lid in upside-down on top of your pot.  Put the marbles in the jar lid. Gently add the water to completely cover your pot and then an inch or two more.  Let it sit over night.
    In the morning, the water will look greenish. Pour it off- it contains the excess ferts, and a fair amount of the terpines and such that give cannabis its flavor. You might water your house plants with the water- they will like it!
    Reposition your pot and lid. Refill with water and let it sit again. The water should be lighter this time. Repeat the process until the water is clear enough for your liking. Then take the soaked bud out and put it on a paper towel for a bit to drain. After that, put a fan on it, or put it somewhere up high to take advantage of the heat, or however you want to dry it.
    The resulting pot will have "zero bag appeal" and taste bland, but it will smoke very smoothly! :smoke:   You might mix it with another variety to add some flavor.
  7. Maybe it has mold on it?
  8. I figured out what it was.
    I was being a bitch.

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