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Weed smell

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonerbr8, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. basiacly i still live with my parents at 19 and they are quite strict about weed. if i were to smoke a j at around 11 before midnight, do u think with help of ozium, open windows and fan, the smell would be gone by tomorrow morning around 7 ish

    ps: plz dont lecture how i shouldnt be smoking under my parents roof without their permision

    anyway let me know :passing-joint:
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  2. If you smile a joint in the house it will smell up the entire house, you can't keep all the smoke out. Just go outside.
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  3. All right no lecture, you're 19 go for a walk.

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  4. Their house, their'll understand when you have a house of your own and someone wants to break your rules.

    .until then go for a walk and respect your parents rules in their house
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  5. Use a pipe. Never smoke a joint indoors unless it's your own house.

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  6. Depending on where you're smoking and how you're doing it they may be able to smell it as you're smoking. Best idea to not make your house smell like a snoop dogg concert is to to go outside. If you had to do it inside a vape that you blow out the window would have very little smell and if you're on like the other side of the house and your house is big you can probably get away with smoking a bowl and blowing it out the window.

    If you think they're going to smell it they probably will. And honestly being paranoid of getting caught is usually worse than being sober but then again idk I remember some good times taking risks when I was younger but that led to being cocky and doing some retarded things so just be careful.
  7. the smell of urine soaked sheets might overpower the weed.
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  8. Not it may not air out in time if you smoke it rolled in something. Use a pipe or bong or vape and blow smoke out window with sploof. I talked about that in another thread. Your plight is one felt by many. Don't feel bad or embarrassed mayne. I had to go through that too. Using incense to 'help u relax' is good to cover ganja smell too...

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  9. I don't understand what it is with all these people that make these threads. Like how hard is it to go outside of your house and take ten minutes to smoke out there? Seems like the best way to avoid trouble with parents than to go through a whole bunch of work that may or may not work depending on airflow in your house, and the nose your parents have.

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  10. Just jump out your window real quick and hop back in. Long as they are heavy sleepers you'll be golden. Turn on the fan and turn up your tv a bit to drown out any sound you might make.
  11. If it's a box fan point it OUT the window and blow smoke through the fan....I had a little bit one just for this purpose when I was growing up...also..use a pipe with a top or a one hitter..joints stink. well so does anything that's been smoked! Ozium or fabreez.

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