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Weed shrooms then Weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jakes Mo Moneya, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. I just picked up 2 eigths

    the caps are brownish-redish-orangish
    the stems are whitish-greenish-grayish
    payed $85
    i need to know if i can smoke weed before i eat them.
    also should i wait 45 min until i smoke again, or can i smoked right after i eat them and smoke 45 min later

    can i puit them on pizza

    EDIT: WOW this is my 100th post
  2. + rep on the boomers man! . i like to smoke right before i take them and then have a blunt rolled for when the peak hits and smoke another when your coming down to send you right back up!!! o and post how your trip turns out man i hope you enjoy. you can put them on whatever you want but i like to eat them on an empty stomach
  3. i got some gold flake boom-iz-ers! got 2 1/8s as well. ill post pics 2marrow got em for 40$ (for both) when u gonna take urs? im holding off till friday when i can trip all night long!:D
    and smoke it up smoke before during and after and im still alive lol. enjoy ur trip and and get some techno and easy listeing its way fun!
  4. ^^ thanks alot, im gonna try to take them when i get off from school at like 2 in the afternoon.
    ill post my trip if i can remember it

    this is gonna be my first time, i plan on doing it on frriday or saturday
  5. i suggest not eating at all friday (or day of taking them) .. and just eating them straigt up or on something COLD (heat kills them . .so hot pizza = bad) .. empty stomach = more trip and faster release

    also smoke a bowl on comeup .. a few durin peakl =D .. and a lot on comedown :p
  6. dont eat before you do it....

    and definately smoke.. it really enhances the trip
  7. smoke while your waitin, what else is there to do when your anxious for an hour to pass?
  8. Whenever i dont smoke, i trip harder. This could be because the shrooms were better when I didn\'t smoke, but I think you trip harder when you don\'t smoke.
  9. i tried it with and without...when i smoked the experience was definately more intense... might just have been better shroomsthough
  10. I like to smoke before i eat the mushies, about 45min after I take the mushies and when I am coming down. Also if my stomach gets upset at all smoking seems to fix that right up. Enjoy.
  11. Eat the shrooms on an empty stomach, then proceed to smoke. Have more herb for later. Eat a half an eigth first just to check the trip out though.
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