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Weed setting off trip?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazin'Talon, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Ok, two nights ago I did DXM, 300mg. Had a good time. Last night, even though I told myself I wouldn't go popping pills every night, I took 400mg of Diphenhydramine (OTC sleeping pills) and just felt kinda drunkish and really high when I smoked up.

    Tonight I have done nothing. I smoked a couple bowls kinda spread apart. I smoked a cigar (Oliva, yum!) and then had some pizza pops cuz I was munched as shit. For the past hour or so I have felt kinda weird. A little dissociated from myself and my vision was getting a little weird. Kinda delayed like the beginning of my DXM trip. I also felt quite warm and the occasional breeze from my window felt amazing.

    Now I try to go to sleep and I am getting insane closed eye visuals. I see bright patterns and swirly shit and after a little, I see faces popping out at me and then realistic images, like looking at a photo out of the corner of your eye. I had to get up and turn on the light cause it was sketching me out.

    Now I want to know what's going the hell on...I didn;t see shit like this in DXM so howcome it;s keeping me awake now? Same bud as the past week or so. Is smoking up givng me trip flashbacks somehow? I know I was kinda dumb by dosing them both so close together, you think maybe they reacted?

    I dunno, I'm probably all worked up over nothing but when I look at my hands to type, I see the top corner of my monitor start to bleed or melt or some shit.

  2. I think DXM works partly by changing serotonin levels (effects how happy/content you are, among other things) in your brain, so if they were still up then smoking would make you go really high. That would be my guess.
  3. Yeah, I think I overreacted a bit, but it was creepy. I just watched some TV for awhile to take my mind off it and I'm alright.

    I'm not too high anymore though.
  4. sounds believable to me, few nights ago, I did 300mg of dxm, and smoked a lot of weed, and didn't feel the dxm at all :confused_2:
  5. man i kinda had a similar exp as you i drank a zicam(450 mg dxm) and i didnt see any closed eye visuals but everytime me and my friends robo trip we always light one up right after and one time i did it and i had no food in my stomach i was high and the robo trip cam into affect i starting seeing slight meelting of stuff i was outside it was like 2 in the morning so it was dark me and my friend where in his car just chillin and out the corner of my eye i saw his sterring wheel sorta look like it was falling down and i got scared because people keep calling my cell phone and all the songs and the crickets outside the darkness being high and robo it was to much man so when it comes down to it i guess the brain can only handle so much before it goes into deffence mode
  6. i had the same thing happen to me. it was my first time taking dxm. i got soo messed up that night. i think i must of thrown up atleast 7 times that night. when i woke up the next day, i smoked around 5 in the afternoon. After i smoked i felt like i just took more dxm. i was having the same experiences on weed then when i was on dxm. it was weird
  7. Diphenhydramine is nasty stuff. Not only is it in sleeping pills, but can also be found in things such as Benadryl and Dramamine. Tripping is easily accomplished by buying a tube of OTC Dramamine and taking 8 (The normal amount in one tube I believe.) Trips are overwhelmingly BAD, as every friend I've ever had take this stuff just pretty much pukes and screams the whole time about ants eating their eyes and spiders biting their genitals. Don't mess with this stuff heh.

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