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Weed Seed? ID please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Naked stoner, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Can I get an ID? I have seen weed seeds before, and I even took this from inside of a bud but I just want to be sure.:devious:
  2. Well looks to be a seed to me, but that wouldn't grow obviously, it's very light colored and cracked..

    but yess, looks like a pot seed to me :)
  3. Dude that's a beetle. Quick screwing around.
  4. are you asking what kind of weed it is just from the seed? or just if it is a weed seed?
  5. I'd say if you got it from a bud, that that question need not be answered.:rolleyes:

    But Yeah the first two pics kinda don't look like one, so I can see why you'd ask. I think it's just an immature seed.
  6. I'm just wondering if it is indeed a pot seed. Do you think it wouldn't grow? I live with my parents but I was thinking of planting it in the back yard to see what happens... I live in the Northwest so the climate at this point is very cold and wet, should I wait...till spring?
  7. imo that seed looks bung but what have you got to lose. You should wait until the last frost of spring. and also take a visit to the marijuana growing section of the forums if you are serious.

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