Weed saved my life...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenJo, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I'm going to make this pretty short - I want you to really read it.

    I came to this section a few times when I first signed up, but had no stories in my head at that time to share... This one is worth sharing.

    I go to visit my brother, who is was in college at the time, for the weekend... After the two hour drive, I finally get there. Him, his friend, and his roommate were in his appt. when I arrived. We talked for about 20 minutes while smoking a blunt... We soon got bored and got in my brothers car with the intentions of going straight to the mall. Instead we suddnely felt like just puting some music on and hot boxed his car. We smoked and smoked.

    30-45mins (I guess it was) passed by and my brother got a call from his roommate... The roommate's mom had called him from his original house (2 hours away-not where I am from, the opposite side) and said that a news alert came on in their area and there was a shooting at the mall close to where my brother's appt. is. (The roomie thought we were at the mall - he had no idea we didn't leave). So my brother thinks he is just cutting up [like he knew we were out there] and then the roomie ended up walking outside on his cell talking to his mom. We get out of the car to walk inside and 2 hellicopters fly over to the mall (the mall is about 1/2 mile away). We actually saw the 'copters circling the mall...

    I feel like if I would have been there, we would have either seen somthing that would have shocked us, or been in the middle. It, honestly, was RIGHT where we would have went in at. If it wasn't for that weed, that is. Weed saved my life.
  2. weird stuff man..glad you didn't get caught up in senseless violence and got high:hello:
  3. that's amazing. that is truely amazing.
  4. This is the kinda shit that should go on the news!
  5. smoking ssaved you. OMG..
  6. That is some crazy ss shit. Weed = life
  7. thank you mary jane

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