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Weed rolled with baccy for a cig

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. My friend purchased a box of 200 or so cigarette "shells" (only the paper and filter nothing in it) and a machine that comes with it.

    The machine opens up and you put a good amount of tobacco and/or weed in a compartment, then you kind of slide the shell in it a certain way and presto! a perfectly rolled cigarette (literally looks like a cigarette but the paper feels a tad different) with everything that was in that compartnment. The whole process takes about 30 seconds (from packing the tobacco to a finished cigarette)

    Now, I was thinking of getting this same setup for myself, because that would mean i would never have to buy another pack of cigs again! :D

    But also, i was thinking of how cool it would be to put like more or less a gram of weed in some cigs along with the tobacco...

    My questions to you all:

    Would the filter (a normal cigarette filter) filter out the THC?

    And would you be able to smell the weed if i lit the cigarette up in public?



  2. No more than it filters nicotine. I have smoked weed that way, and gotten plenty fucked up.

    Also if it looks like a cig, peoplt won't think twice, I wouldn't worry about having some weed in it, you would probly be set with ALL weed, if it's well ground before packing the cig.
  3. As long as you put a decent amount of tobacco in it and it looks like a cig and you hold it like a cig and not a joint you'll be pretty safe. I roll good looking spliffs all the time and smoke them on campus and people never say anything. My buddy accidentally bought pipe tobacco instead of cig but it tastes great and smells awesome and completly masks the smell of the bud.
  4. awesome thats good....

    Yeah so i could put like less then a G in each cig.

    So i could just inconspiculously smoke a cigarette and instantly get high as a bitch (you all know even a G of midgrade to the dome would get u stoned XD)
  5. I usually put .5g at most, never weighed out how much i use but it definetly isnt a g.
  6. I have a friend who does this for cigs and saves alotttt of money..

    I dont think I personally would mix it with bud enless it was some sort of occasion where I wanted to get high.. I think smoking like X amount of cigs a day with a little bit of bud in them would make my tolerance sky rocket..

    I like the idea though :]
  7. I need to get one of those. I pack weed into the end of a normal cig and smoke that when I want to be inconspicuous.
  8. yes and yes bro but the smell shouldn't be too bad depends on ur quality of killa.
    they sell filters in packs in headshops that don't tho* some online too*
    hope this helps​
    Honestly and Truthfully
  9. You are still going to get high with the filter. I've done it a couple of times. Just smoke it like you would smoke a cigarette instead of taking the three continuous inhales (inhale smoke, inhale a bit of air X3 then exhale).
  10. Nicotine is different in that the filter does NOT filter out that much.

    However, the filter in the cig CAN filter ouit THC. Smoking out of a spliff with cardboard filter gets you much higher than when using a normal cig filter.

    Maybe it's just what I thought, but I'm pretty sure no one around here rolls with regular filters, filters out too much THC.
  11. Hes right my friend... The filter DOES in fact filter out a good amount of the THC..

    You will get high though, just not as high if you didn't have that filter. It filters out a good portion of THC... Look it up online if you don't believe me. :smoke:
  12. yeah dude cig filters are a no no, they filter out a lot of THC, I would just roll a normal joint with a roach and smoke it like a cig, it's plenty inconspicuous I promise haha.
  13. Go ahead and roll your own cigs, but just smoke a jay like a cig and you're golden.
  14. it will filter the THC

    it will still smell

    there's no replacement for a good set of fingers.
  15. Yes, a cigarette filter will filter out THC, if your worried tear off the filter or poke a hole through the middle.
  16. I personally don't like this....

    The first time I greened out was because of this, mixing cig with weed.

    I would only recommend smoking them together if you smoke cigs regularly.
  17. this is actually the only way i blaze, i have a cigarette roller, ill make my spliff mix of tabacco and bud, and roll it up with zig zag and a filter. it still looks like a joint because of the zig zag paper being all white. but i find it's clever and easy to smoke out in public like this.
  18. For the most part, if your looking for your full high, you might as well take out the filter and replace with a roach. It still has the same look (unless for some reason someone is standing right in front of you, looking down into your hand) and it has less filtration so you can enjoy more glorious THC.

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