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  1. We all know that when you're high as all hell the world makes much more sense.

    When it comes to revelations, what have you "realized" to be true while high?

    The other day when me and my cousin were smoking my car and listening to Bob Dylan, it was revealed to me that music these past 40 years or so has been amazing. That being said, without Bob Dylan and the Beatles (along with weed and acid), music as we know it today would be completely different. We may not have had such influential bands as The Pixies, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Neutral Milk Hotel, or Zeppelin (or at least they would not be the same). As I put it that night while kiting, Soulja Boy would have happened in the 80s. Pop music these days has gone to shit (this is my opinion, sorry no offense) along with Pop culture, "art" is being manufactured for money, not for expression. Without Bob and The Beatles we would have a completely different perspective!

    That being said, what's your favorite song/artist to listen to while you're high?

    For me it's "Weird Fishes" or "Idioteque" by Radiohead

    GOGO tell GC your revelations and we can come to this thread to learn about life and all of it's intricacies!
  2. and this has to do with glass how?
  3. Yeah I posted this here by accident...it's in seasoned tokers too.

    Sorry...I'm high and my GC homepage is toking tools. BAH delete please mod!

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