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Weed relieves my apathy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by taZox, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I've noticed that I'm a very apathetic person. I'm kind of an asshole and i come off as disrespectful to some people but I don't do it on purpose, I just feel like my brain is blocking me from creating emotions about certain things.

    But when I'm high I act normal. And I have emotions and I'm more reasonable internally. If I have a personality disorder, cannabis actually fixes it for me. Why is that ? Has this kind of effect ever been studied? Why isn't marijuana being used in cognitive behavioral therapy?
  2. wow i thought weed caused apathy
  3. Same thing for me bro I was a complete dick for most of my life until I started smoking regularly, it just helps keep me balanced. When I'm sober I tend to be very impatient and in a hurry, when I get stoned I just couldn't really care less about anything so I'm a very chill dude :) 
  4. i understand this to a certain degree like i'm just not as social as other people, at least when it comes to people i'm not already friends with or don't find particularly interesting. like, i just don't give a shit and ignore most people that pass by. weed makes interacting with people better, particularly the ones i have little to no interest in
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    This sounds like a placebo effect. If you say that " I'm kind of an asshole and i come off as disrespectful to some people<span>", you are implying that when you are sober you are another person. I'm saying this because cannabis does not increase apathy. <span>This is a myth. All cannabis does is increase the state of mind for the the user.  So if you were an asshole to begin with, nothing can change that. </span></span>However, if you are suffering from a disorder (bi polar) then yes cannabis does ease some of that stress. Also cannabis do have the effects of allowing the user to be more self aware. They are able to channel in and out and careless about the extremities of society, unless they choose to care. 
    In short: By being in the state where you would care less about the extremities of society, you make more individualistic choices
  6. I think you spelled 'alcohol' wrong.

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