Weed Raps

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  1. You guys never check out good music! Dont kno what your missing out on!
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    the first weed that i smoked when i was 10
    i had to light it again and out it again
    it was like a band was playing a melody in my head.
    and the place got dizzy and and my eyes red
    instantly im hungry like a wild dog 
    i had to fuck up some crackers and a dry bread
    with some pickles, a potato and a fryed egg. 
    and when the kitchen was empty i went to my bed.
    vybz kartel mr officer. - jamaican rap, not reggae
  3. what he said! haha
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  5. It must be the ganja its the marijuana
    dam im so high.
    Maybe its the henny, that has gotten in me
    whatevers gotten into me i dont mind
    Ya i just made this up like right now all by myself while hittin my bong  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
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    puffin on the magic tree
    got my eyes looking droopy
    chillin like shaggy and scooby
    roll up another doobie
    i roll it tight not loosely
    come on and get high with me
    we soar over the seven sea
    munchies straight to my belly
    illegal tragically
    but still supplied endlessly
    the best shit straight from cali
    bein high feels so heavenly
    well thats how it used to be
    gettin too high aint for me
    it brings out my anxiety
    but i still like being high mildly
  7. Check out The Head Change on soundcloud their all about weed raps.


    Check this song out called getting funked up, its funk meets rap and they smoke it down together lol feedback

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