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weed quality

Discussion in 'General' started by austyn12, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Okay im not a newbie but i never bought gridned weed before. My hookup gives me grinded weed and it smells like schwag but gets me high like some good outdoor weed. IS it high mids because it tastes like dirt when i smoke it but it could also just be really staled and i think it tastes like dirt.
  2. uhh let me see if can find any i took some somewhere just ran out im just figuring out if i should get better hookup or not. 60$ for 8.5 and it smells like shit like said tastes like dirt but gets me high. I dont see any crystals but it could just be dryied out or he could of took keif out of it when he ground it up.....
  3. sorry but if you have to ask you must be a newbie! 60$ for a little more than a quarter i would expect it to be some decent bud not shwag
  4. How much do you pay per .5 grams? If you pay 5 bucks per .5 it's mids. But NEVER accept grinded dank
  5. Never buy grinded weed. Buy it in bud form. Its sketchy for a dealer to grind up your weed before you see it.
  6. It was probably shake not ground
  7. some of it looked like pecies of bud some of it was leafs
  8. depending on where you are located price and supply will vary also..So if you know of other people selling weed you might as well shop around!! IMO mids should be 5 dollars for like at least 1g danker bud should be between 10-20 but that should be for nice nugs.
  9. i get 8.5 for 60$ i think i got ripped off got a new dealer and hes hooking me up with a free sack tommrow :).
  10. Yeah shake, if its shake from something dank it'll be pretty good, if its from something shitty it'll be shifty
  11. k thanks so i got riped off?
  12. Yes, you did. Sounds like hes selling you k2 which is "fake" weed; and smells and tastes like shit.

    Never buy shake, "grinded" weed
    It can get stale, if I have dank I have to grind and smoke if I leave any in my grinder it dries out faster.
  13. i would take the shake out of the bag and throw it in his eyes

    like motherfucker come back when you got weed for sale
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    it had seeds in it? What i bought sounds like shake ether that or he put bag seeds to make it look real.
  15. Then it's peel off the bottom of your show mids shake, gross.

  16. wow that dealer is a asshole

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