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Weed quality vs quantity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by easybakeoven420, May 11, 2011.

  1. I can get a dime of mids for ten bucks or a third of a g of OG kush for 10 whats your opinion on quality over quantity
  2. what the fuck?
    .3 for 10...
    over $30 a gram.
    I wouldn't do either.
    ask someone for another pickup...
  3. Quality for bongs and pipes quantity for js and blunts
  4. you didnt fucking specify how much you got in the dime of mids
  5. none of this makes any sense i am so high

  6. but hes only getting $10 worth. barely even worth it for the dealer so he jacks it up a little for that amount.
  7. just get 10 more dollars and buy a whole g. go pawn some shit if ur that desperate
  8. Quality, last just as long as the quantity for me. And taste 100 times better :smoke: ^^ dont pawn shit, your not a crack head.

  9. you're*
  10. i think this comes down to where the quality of mass produced stuff, catches up with the quality of the overpriced stuff...

    as a grower, let me say, i would spend 10 bucks and get 3.5 of mids... the quality aint worth the 20 bucks a g the dank dealers want you to spend.. costs no where near that to grow it, the cartels do a better job at bang for the buck, of course, because they have the ability to mass produce.
  11. Homeboy needs to chill the fuck out lol
    4 posts all consisting of nothingness on one thread..
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  12. metalp must have some dank shit bro.

    As long its enough to last a while, quality. Just get some dank and smoke.
  13. this man here^, he knows his shit
  14. it looks like you chose the right choice already :smoke:

    nahhhh but real talk if your guy is giving .3 of a gram for 10 dollars i would rather get the dime of mids. hopefully the dealer gives you more then a gram for 10 dollars.

    cus its like this.

    if OG is 3 times better then mids and he only gives u 1gram of mids for 10 its like the same thing.
  15. here, i can get

    one single dank g for 20, 1/8 for 60
    1/4 shwag for 20, oz for 60

    so it really comes down to how much money i have - can i afford to stay high on dank, or no?
  16. so you can get $10 worth of weed (a dime) for $10. you must have a fat hookup.
  17. You should definitely be getting at least .5 for $10. In my area you can buy a blunt of mids already rolled for $5.
  18. Since I have a larger income and many connects for dro I prefer quality over quantity. :p
  19. smoke dank or nothing, smokin mids is just horrible, bad headaches, bad high, bad everything, if ur used to dank you CAN'T smoke mids : /
  20. started smoking mids, but then i went to college and had access to some headies at a good price... now i only smoking mids if its a fatass blunt with a couple friends.

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