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Weed poem

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by sekia, May 15, 2004.

  1. I wrote this in school =)

    I feel so timeless
    I feel so righteous
    No time and space
    The world erased
    Problems fly by
    My world am I
    Be one with me
    I am so free

    My flawless soul
    My heart controlled
    the mind so blissfull
    All strories told
    There are no secrets
    No thought controll

    Mary jane on my side
    Make me feel alright.
  2. Nice as as a poem, but bitchin as song lyrics man. Learn to play guitar or piano or osmehting, and write osme music to go with it .
  3. Thanks for the compliment...
    im playing the guitar already though.

    im still tryin to convert this to a song =)
  4. i dig i dig :)
  5. very nice poem!

    Mozart agrees as well ;)...(the music i'm listening to right now)
  6. groooovy baby... :D....
  7. that poem is pretty sweet, but in the end instead of "Mary jane on my side
    Make me feel alright." it should maybe say "Mary jane in my sight
    Make me feel alright."

    thats not a big difference, just my 2cents

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