weed poem...self composed. let me know what you guys think

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by carolina10, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Some call it weed, Some call it green
    Some smoke all day, Some once a week
    Some have the dirt, Some have the kush
    Some loose their life fighting over this bush
    From hippies to thugs
    From chicks to studs
    They all light the green, They all burn the bud
    Whether joint by night, Or bong by day
    Burn, Burn, Burn, And toke away.

  2. its fucking beautiful man! brought tears to my eyes.

    oh and welcome to the city!
  3. really good, welcome to the citty
  4. I like it man, welcome to Grasscity, the grassiest city around. Guess I'll contribute, I too enjoy writing.

    I hit my piece with the most proper precision
    demolishing leaves while hitting greens
    blurring my vision
    I feel it deep within my chest
    down in my lungs it burns
    this weed aint given me no rest
    "hit this shit, it's your turn..."
  5. Thanks guys just something i made for english class. professor loved it haha. and that one you posted was really visual man good stuff. i think im gonna start posting a bunch of poems about different weed topics from buying from dealers to running from the cops lol. if you guys want suggest a topic and ill try and scribble up a good one about it. keep burnin.:smoke::smoke:

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