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Weed pizza

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JoshuaBr, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. So one of my friends gave me a slice of some pretty bomb weed pizza but i wont be able to eat for a few days. I figured if i just kept it unfrigerated it might grow mold or some shit so im wondering whether i should keep it in the freezer or just the fridge for now?
  2. definitely keep it wrapped up in the fridge at least.. old pizza isnt that great though, id seriously eat it in the next day or two
  3. Why can't you eat for a few days?
  4. I love old pizza, lol. Keep it cold too, lol. Thats the best.

  5. i guess i could eat it now rather than wait but id rather enjoy it on a day when ive got nothing important to do
  6. Oo that's what you meant, Yeah definitely don't want to eat edibles when you have shit to do, Learnt that the hard way.
  7. Freeze it.
  8. Id say wait 2 or 3 days max then Nom nom nom nom on that slice, then get baked.
  9. Sry that nom nom nom nom reminded my of this video

    [ame=]cookie monster goes to rehab(family guy) - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Just put it under your pillow
  11. Wrap it in tinfoil and put out in the fridge, no need to freeze if you're going to eat it within 3 days of it being cooked.
  12. I doubt A slice of pizza will do you in bro just eat it now, they sell some at the dispensary near here it takes the whole pizza to get me that baked that i can't go on and do my chores.
  13. Mainly I love not having to pull weeds anymore since I started using hay on pizza boxes and my feet rarely get muddy anymore either. Heck, that is half of the battle taken care of right there. Simply plant and harvest, no in between hard work anymore.
    Pizza Pos Software
  14. damn.. i need to go to a dispensary soon! I want more medible pizza. then again there is a delivery service i could call, too late now tho. We'll see tomorrow if i'm up for the drive or i just want to smoke
  15. weed pizza thanks for the idea bro!
    to the question id prob just freeze it and put it in the oven to heat it up when u wanna eat it man! dont get it way to hot though dont wanna burn the weed.
    but youd be fine if your gonna eat it in a week to just put it in the fridge wrapped up in foil and then eat cold or heat it up.
  16. Put it in the fridge and then just eat it cold. Reheating it could cost you some potency.

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