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Weed packs pounds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Here's my trick - put healthy shit right in front of you before you light up. Like carrot sticks and strawberries.

    Then when you get the munchies, you'll be too lazy to get something else instead of what's right in front of you. Plus, it tastes way better when you're high. Carrots and celery both burn more calories in digestion than they have in them! :hello:
  2. Almost as though it were a ritual lmao. Ok folks, fresh veggies and fruit on a platter in front of me right as i blaze up. Excellent idea +rep
  3. Junk food packs pounds, not weed.
    don't blame the weed
  4. rofl marijuana gets me hungry and i used it to my advantage of taking a long ass walk to like the place of interest and walking back and because i keep getting hungry i take a shower/do something to keep me entertained, and it helps me eat my breakfast in the morning :D, which i never do T_T unless i was baked beforehand ahahaha
  5. It's the excess amounts eaten because of increased appetite as a result from smoking herb. But as we can clearly see, it affects everyones appetite differently.
    Healthy food is better, but it still has mass. I might eat only one banana w/o smoking, but four or five after smoking.

  6. Add a bunch of fruits to that diet, and any girl will swallow for you
  7. When I get the drunchies, Mexican(-ish) food is manna. Then again, most people I know find a trip to Taco Hell the ideal way to wind down a drunk Thursday night :D

    As for the munchies: I've found it's not so much increased appetite as it is the way the high opens up all new levels of flavor. Sometimes I eat lots and some hardly at all, so there's a ~5 lb fluctuation range in my weight. At least that's not much and it comes off as quickly as it went on. I'm a relatively small person though, so the day after a serious munchie binge/when I'm up a couple of lb, I can definitely feel it.

    Sober I can go to town on a whole bag of sweet petites baby carrots, but they only ever taste bitter when I'm high :mad:

  8. i actually used to be fat and when i started smoking daily i got skinny.
  9. Good points on the influence herb has on taste. It enhances flavors for me as well, which in turn leads me to eat more. By the way welcome to the city. :smoke:

  10. Watermelon sounds so dank right now.

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