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Weed packs pounds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. >So about a year ago before i started smoking the marijuana i weighed about 140lbs. approximately a year and a half later i scale at 160lbs. Im twenty-one so it's not like i hit a growth spurt or something. I can wipe out the cabinets if i stay at home too long. What to do when the marijuana makes your stomach roar like the tides of moses.
    And baby jebus. :eek::smoke:
  2. I was thinking the same thing today. So now I'm on a t-break.
  3. i never get actually "hungry" when i smoke. you just think you are. i lost about 30 lbs when i was smoking heavily everyday. the loss was intentional, but i just tell myself that im not really hungry and i go do something instead of sit around and eat.
  4. ha that's funny, there was a recent thread in which people thought weed was raising their metabolism and they were actually losing weight. i guess it affects everyone differently
  5. yea dude. i swear it does that to me. thought i was crazy but maybe not as much as i thought.
  6. The only pounds the weed packs is in the bud. Weed doesnt pack pounds...people who compulsively eat with no self control do:p Easy solution only buy fruit and oatmeal and shit...And dont go shopping high! ;)
  7. I'm getting the exact opposite reaction. I lost ten pounds since I started smoking. I find that besides the eating while I'm high, I really lose my appetite sober. This is probably why models smoke!
  8. Weed isnt a magic weight lose product or a way to pack on massive amount of weight either. It is what u make it. If u eat a shit ton u will gain weight. Plain and simple, i learned it in health class when i was like 10.

    I was always thin and worked out. I was on a break from 19-21 and thats when my body decided to even out my weight anyways.
  9. 3 years ago before i started smoking i wieghed 160 now i weigh 140 what does that mean?

  10. Exactly the same case for me. When I smoke and get the munchies, I eat so much and then when I'm sober I'm not hungry anymore. I'm diggin' the wiz khalifa too :cool:
  11. i started smoking at like now like 185...your logic is flawed
  12. Dont blame MJ for your weight gain, blame your lifestyle.
  13. It is always a disaster...Half Baked grocery list anyone?
  14. I'm the exact opposite. I was 230 like 4 years ago.
    I'm now 170 or 175 give or take a few pounds.
  15. smoke before you eat breakfast/lunch/dinner..its fool proof
  16. And for those of you still denying this, don't be ignorant about what is very commonly known in the MJ community as the "munchies".

    Most of you are still at that age where you can eat half the fucking house and not gain a goddamn pound, so yeah, of course when YOU get the munchies it doesn't affect you that much, if at all.

    But for those of us with different metabolic rates for whatever reason (age, genetics, etc.), coupled with the well-known fact that MJ causes the leptin in your body to behave differently, which can affect the way you eat and how much you eat (hence the "munchies"), I'd say it's rather obvious that MJ does play a big part in it. Hell, look at the reason MMJ is prescribed to AIDS patients; to increase appetite and gain weight.

    Sure lifestyle has something to do with weight gain, but there's only one thing that is going to feed my insatiable sweet tooth when I get the munchies, and it ain't fucking yogurt and rice crackers. :smoke:
  17. Before i started smokeing daily i weighed 275 and now im at 182.:D
  18. It's something you need to learn to control. If you give it a chance, fruits and veggies make great munchies that really do satisfy.

    Pack a bowl of God's all natural herb and mack on some all natural watermelon, nectarines and pears.
  19. Marijuana has actually been shown to make the metabolism go a little faster. If ive been active lately, sometimes I can eat up to like 6-7k calories without gaining any weight.
  20. Go to subway

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