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Weed on the train to New York?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Just to make sure I'm not being stupid and/or crazy give me your opinion on this.. Would you be sketched out taking a train to New York with some beer and weed in a duffle bag? I don't take the train a lot but my understanding of security there is that it's pretty lenient unless you're making a scene.
  2. should be completely fine, just make sure it's well concealed.
  3. It depends really. Where are you taking the train from?
  4. Riding Metro North you will be find brotha. Just make sure you are carrying a pound of the smelliest shit on earth and you will be cool. And if you are carrying a pound of the smelliest shit on earth, stop by my city! Ha
  5. Well are you taking Amtrak or lirr or what
  6. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. If it's LIRR, you have nothing to worry about. I take the train every week day to work and people could bring anything they want on really and they do jack shit.
  7. I take njt to back and forth to the city all the time. You'll be fine. Just keep your shit inna ball jar. sometime their are police dogs at Penn but their looking for bombs not some dude trying to blaze while he's in NYC. And your allowed to drink beer on the train..
  8. Sorry I guess I did forget to mention I'm taking the Metro North there. With that being said, I want to bring a half ounce and a bunch of alcohol in a duffle bag or something.. Remember I'm not 21 yet so keep that in mind.
  9. Dam haha sounds risky legally but my friend's old roommate told me a story of where she took e on the train to nyc and she was fine. But she made the mistake of getting drunk after she got there and was needless to say FUCKED UP. You should be fine though or at least I would hope so.
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    Less then 25g's isn't even a misdemeanor in ny. Your fine dude. Put your shit in a glass jar and go for it.
  11. Mason jar with a sock over it for noise protection ahahah, but ya man I've brought large amounts on stupid things before and was good, should be gold on the train.
  12. Yeah I don't see why you should have any problem. Just cover it up well and throw it in the bag.
  13. I've taken the train to buy weight in the city before, got drunk as shit and got back on the train. I had people complaining that I smelled and the conductor came by and just said, "smells like some good shit." Public transportation doesn't give one fuck, let alone two.
  14. if your not taking that much i would jus sac it lmao, i can fit up to a half ounce under my sac man. i would suggest that if your not intending on smoking, wear briefs so if they search you and you have to spread it wont fall, but if its a high quantity your intending to take i wouldn't suggest taking any form of public transportation
  15. Haha alright, I was just worried because it'll probably look a little sketchy since beer isn't the lightest thing to carry around. With that being said I was thinking about wearing a New York University shirt or something to make it look like I was just going back to school and maybe then I'd fit in a little better.

  16. id say that might do some good, but in the end i dont think you will need it at all, its pretty easy to get away with bring some bud and alcohol into NY....

    Just dont make eye contact and act nervous at all. They wont even look at you probably, unless your sketchy looking which idk if you are lol :cool:
  17. lolol people sell weed in the train stations. you'll be fine.
  18. Trust me dude your fine. Do you know how many fucking weird people there are in the city? I've seen grown ass women piss right on the seat and old men freaking the fuck out for no reason
  19. Alright cool, I just wanted to be safe instead of sorry because I'm bringing some <censored> along with me too.
  20. If you get caught trafficking it across state lines you are FUCKED

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