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Weed on Probation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by All Sham No Wow, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hay blades! :hello:

    So back in December I got caught with possession and luckily only got 6 months probation. It took a while for the court to actually start me on probation however I have been 2 months into probation and have not had any sign of a drug test at all. Just wondering to all you blades if I should smoke or just not risk it? This T-break has been long enough :(

  2. naw i wouldnt risk it until you find out for sure whether you will get tested or not soon, but im sure its alright if you smoke once and then just water and excercise it off
  3. Don't risk it. Your first puff is gonna be amazing after its all said and done.
  4. Yah, If I were to end up toking and getting caught It would stay on my record. If I go through 4 more months all clean It will disappear from my record. We shall see...
  5. ^Exactly. They're probably just trying to trick you into doing it again. Even if they aren't, they might remember you're on probation and test you tomorrow.
  6. if you fail any test other than the first you'll get into deep stuff man. dont risk it, you might not be lucky
  7. What did the court actually say? If they explicitly used the word probation, I wouldn't risk it. What you have though sounds like an ACD (Adjournment in contemplation of discharge). If the judge put you on an ACD, it's pretty much just six months of not getting arrested.
  8. The courts are "fishing." What they do is when they catch you for some petty bullshit where they can't really do much, they throw you back out there on "probation" and wait for you to slip up so they can really nail you - they get the probation violation which is the entire time of your sentence (even if you only have one month left, you're still looking at the entire time you were sentenced to) along with whatever new charges they can stick on you.
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    Im not sure if this violates the discussion of other drugs rule since, technically speaking, im still discussing cannabanoids. But let me know if im wrong mods :smoking:

    So I think you should smoke some spice, when I was on probation I smoked it all the time. Be careful though, they banned the most popular JWH series cannabaniods. I think the most common one used now is AM-2201, but I've heard of people using JWH-081 as a replacement for JWH-018, though it has some nasty side effects. You can also order these pure off the interweb, much more bang for your buck. You can sprinkle it on whatever herb you want. I've even heard of some people dissolving it in food grade acetone and spraying it on the plant material for better distribution, but I wont get into that. The high is exactly like weed, kinda like a nice indica.

    The best part? They wont show up on any drug screens. :cool:
  10. did they give you a PO? if so ask whats going on with your case because you havn't heard from them etc.
  11. Dude, honestly. It's 4 months.

    I've got about 20 months probation left. Out of 42 months. That'll be over before you know it.

  12. Yea, I have gotten some before from a local shop but it just is not the same as weed, It's much harsher.

    It is actually Probation. I have a PO who I met. I got caught with possession in a different state than I was currently in and got an out-of-state plan. That might be why i'm not getting tested. Ideas?

    haha thanks for that I guess. I assume I have it easy compared to you :D However but for now bladies, enjoy your weed :bongin:
  13. Honestly wait. I was on informal as well and by the end of it I had totally forgot what it was like to be high at all. The first joint back was AMAZING as I had no idea what to expect.

    Try and wait it out. It will be worth the effort and pay off in the long run.
  14. I figured it might help put it into perspective. It's not as long as it seems man, just keep that chin up.

    I smoke on probation. Typically, they test you a couple times a year, not very often at all. Since September of 2010 I've been drug tested three times, only two were for probation - one was required before doing some of my required community service (and I was informed in advanced it was coming.)

    What I do is this - my probation meetings are nearly always 4 weeks apart. Sometimes they'll have them sooner to fit their schedule, but you always know when your next months probation meeting is. Anyway, I typically smoke for about a week following my probation meeting. Usually less, 5 days is about my usual, then I stay clean the rest of the month. I'm physically active and am comfortable going into my probation meeting after being clean for 25 days.
  15. Keep that record clean, you have no idea what it may do to you later in life.

    Toke up when it's all clear. :)

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