weed: negative or positive to asthmatics?

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  1. I'm new around here, this is my first post actually, and the only reason i stumbled across this site is because of my search for an answer. i've spent the last couple days trying to find medicinal information that confirms whether marijuana is good or bad for asthma, because a while ago, i heard somewhere that smoking weed is beneficial for asthmatics, which just blew my mind, because, think about it, you are inhaling smoke. how could that be good? but i thought maybe there are benefits that out-weigh the negative affects. so i'm still on that search. see, i've had asthma for about two years, and it's consistently getting worse. i smoke weed for irregular periods of time, then i go on what i like to call hiatus (is that spelled correctly?) so i know that the increasing severity of my asthma is not linked to smoking pot, but most likely caused by my addiction to cigarettes and recently a move into a very dirty, dusty, allergy inducive, dorm room.

    here's my question, maybe one of you can help me solve my problem:

    what are the negative and positive affects of marijuana on asthma?
    do the negative out-weigh the positive, or vice versa?
    what changes in the affects are made by digesting marijuana rather than smoking it?

    despite my increasingly disabling asthma, i doubt i will ever completely quit smoking weed, but my period breaks will possibly become more frequent. i'm trying to tackle my problem with other lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking cigarettes, and living in a dust-free environment. but i'm still curious. sorry for rattling on like this, thank you for any input you have.
  2. http://www.ukcia.org/lib/medline/5i.htm




    ((( you'll need to scroll down to Chapter 5 for Bronchial Asthma ,but there is some other interesting info there also ))))

    I am not a doctor ,but the ones I've read up on do not agree at all on the pros and cons of asthmatics using pot. All smoking is bad for your lungs ,but thc is probably the best naturally occuring bronchial dialator in existance.
  3. according to my dr. when it is medically here (minnesota) i will be the first script he writes, if i quit cigarettes. my wife has asthma and it seems to help her. remember weed opens the large brachial tubes rather than tighten them. my grandmother was told by her doc back in the late 70's if she would burn one duber a day her breathing would improve.

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