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Weed Milkshake?!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by whoaalex, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. A friend told me earlier you can literally throw some weed, milk, and flavouring into a blender, mix it all up and you got weed milkshake! is it really that easy?
    i still live with parents so i gotta try and keep the smell to a minimum, and if weed milkshake requires no cooking, that will be awesome! my plan is, 1/2 bottle of Frijj chocolate fudge brownie milkshake, about 0.8g of skunk simmered in some full fat cream for about half an hour (even though this IS cooking, ima do it late at night so its all good ;) ), then mix the milkshake and weed cream together, and leave in the bottle over night in the fridge.

    I've never made any kind of weed edible before! but my health is slowly deteriating because of smoking quite alot so i want to drop smoking and start getting high from edibles, if anybodys made weed milkshake before, have they got any tips they could share? thanks alot!
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    Edibles ARE easy to make :)

    But for the best effect, not in the way you describe... if you cut too many corners during processing, you'll find that, instead of being more efficient than smoking (which edible cannabis is, or has the potential to be), that you will instead need to multiply the dose you'd normally require, to achieve the desired effect.

    A few excerpts from past posts, on canna milk, cocoa, tea, and more...

    "..... when diluted with so much water, it's severely reducing the efficiency of your solvent, and makes it more like the butter-water methods of the old days, which take around 15 - 24 hours depending on the heat level to become effective, and after this point the earliest, more volatile cannabinoids to become active and available have degraded.

    This is why we go so far, as to use clarified butter, where the milk solids and water have been removed, rather than butter in it's more 'natural' state. To dilute it even further, is very counter productive. [​IMG] " - BKS

    " Originally Posted by mjmama25
    I know people who have made stem tea and thought it was worth it. What was even more worth while was the resin that built up in the tea pot over time. They scraped it and said it was like hash. "

    " This is because cannabis is not water soluble.. the best tea's, (cocoa) and 'bhang' (canna milk) are still made using a pure butter/oil source initially, and then that concentrated and infused oil, is incorporated into water, or reincorporated back into milk.

    Trying to make tea or canna milk, starting with both water and milk fat is (similar to the old fashioned butter-water methods) very ineffective, and the effectiveness is reduced further, the higher the water content, and the more impure and contaminated the 'edible solvent' or oil.

    When making watery oils, and especially when making watery tea, a large portion of tacky, sticky, remaining glandular material, will never have a chance to become bioavailable, even with continued processing, until long after it's degraded due to exposure to heat.

    The more pure the oil source, or edible solvent, the less damage the material needs to endure, before bioavailabilty occurs. The more impure the solvent, the more glandular material will remain to become degraded or entirely left behind, without ever achieving bioavailability.

    Hope this helps! [​IMG] " - BKS


    To learn how to make clarified canna or hash butter or canna 'ghee', use the following recipe with your clarified butter:

    To learn how to make this (or your trimmings...)


    Into, this...


    See the link below:

    (First Page, contains detailed information on decarboxylation, or cannabinoid conversion..
    decarboxylation is the process of activating your cannabinoids 'potency' by removing the
    carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor, converting your cannabinoids
    from their acid, to their more potent delta forms):

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Med Grade Bioavailable Canna & Hash Oil, Edibles, Drinkables and more...

    You also have the options of Green & Golden Dragon, alcohol tinctures, and glycerin tinctures....

    Examples of different drink recipes you can try from the above link, using Oil and Tincture















    If you opt for a glycerin tincture, besides eating it and using sublingual (under the tongue) absorption, with good filtration you can use it in the portable electronic-cigarette vaporizers...



    Sorry for the 'long read'... have fun, and good luck! [​IMG]

    PS - Long story short, tl;dr... (tips for your situation, specifically)

    1) Place your well-ground herb inside a well-sealed 'pocket' of foil, in the oven, at 220 f for 20 - 30 minutes. This activates your cannabinoids.

    2) Heat some butter over the medium setting on your stove top, until the water content has evaporated, and scoop off the milk solids as they appear.. that's a very brief 'clarification'.

    *After this point, if you have two pots, you should create a double boiler to preserve your potency, and protect it from the heat source, by adding a few inches of water to the larger pot, and placing the smaller pot inside to float on the water. This provides an actual buffer between your herb, and the too-intense heat source, preventing degradation. The smaller pot will contain your herb and butter/oil.

    3) Then allow it to cool somewhat, so your herb doesn't 'sizzle' when you add it.

    4) Heat your herb and clarified butter gently, using the boiling water below your small pot as a buffer (adding water to the large pot, as needed), for as long as you can, presumably less than an hour in your circumstances, but up to two hours if possible.

    5) Strain (or don't, your call), and add to anything you like, that will not expose it to ridiculous amounts of heat before consumption... If it's a recipe where you can, just add it at the end of the cooking process. :)

    Using a mostly-water-free butter, or a pure milk-fat as your solvent, will provide you with MUCH greater effects, than you could achieve in the same time-frame by using a diluted milk or cream. :wave:
  3. man that was a long read! thanks for all the advice though :)

    SO - to cut an even shorter story shorter again... heat up my ground up weed in some tin foil for about 30 minutes in the fan oven, whilst melting some butter in a pot on top of the oven. THEN after the 30 minutes of the weed being in the foil in the fan oven, empty that into the pot with the butter, leave it to cool, stir, re-heat a little, mix it in with my pre-bought milkshake, leave it for as long as possible?

    Edit : infact i have full fat cream, i may use that instead of butter as i think i only have margarine, full fat cream would be better tasteing and better for the weed to right?
  4. Some of that shit looks amazing.

  5. It's not very cost-effective, but you can make butter and pure milk-fat, using your cream. :) There are a few ways you can go about it, here's an easy/neat/clean way;

    Pour your cream into a large jar, and shake.... keep shaking....... keep shaking....


    .......KEEP shaking.....

    .... And finally, after about 15 minutes of shaking or so, you have a thin and watery (compared to thick cream) butter-milk, with large clumps of floating solid matter.

    That solid stuff, is your butter. :smoke:

    I LOVE butter made this way, it's great on crackers and bread just as it is, and maybe with a pinch of garlic salt :D

    But anyway, you can scoop out the solid butter that's floating around, separating it from the water butter-milk, then clarify and purify it as described above. Remember that oil is your solvent, it breaks down your glandular material into a form your body can absorb, and that cannabis glandular material is not considered water soluble. When your oil is diluted with water, it is not as effective!

    If you get all your materials out and organized in advance, and you work quickly, you could probably make your butter from the cream, and have it clarified, even before your herb has finished decarbing/activating. :hello:
    So it shouldn't cost you much time at all, if you need to be quick and stealthy. And a properly made edible, using good ingredients, will reward you with improved potency :)
  6. what so shake my cream up, filter out the clumps, heat the clumps up to a liquid form again and add my weed to that?! THEN mix that with my milkshake? try to keep the instructions super simple, im kinda high right now and am freaking out about wasteing bud! :eek: :eek:

    edit : if i can avoid cooking the weed in the first place that would be awesome. what do you think? will the heat from the heated cream be enough to extract the THC from the bud?
  7. alright, so the weed milkshake is made! i simmered the cream for about 10-15 minutes, and left it overnight in the fridge. i dipped my finger in it before it went in the shake and taste nice n skunky! the milkshake is in the bottle settling in the fridge, going to leave it til tomorrow i think, its gonna be super tasty i think!

  8. I take it you didn't read the oil tutorials. :)

    You're relying on the small amount of oil in your cream, to do the job for you... in a pure oil source, at 212 f (boiling water temp, about the temp you used) it takes usually a minimum of an hour or two of heating that gently, not just 10 minutes... and that's in pure oil!

    When making an oil, we heat a bit higher at 220 f for 45 - 55 minutes, in the oven... then take it out, freeze it for a few hours or overnight, to disrupt cellular integrity in the glandular material, then continue heating for another 45 - 55 minutes.

    It's all in the link I gave you. :) And when using an inferior solvent, such as milk or cream, you need to heat much longer than you would with a pure oil source. This is why the water-butters of the old days, used to sit in a crock pot, for 15 - 24 hours!

    You may feel at least 'some' amount of effect from your milkshake if your tolerance is low enough and you used enough material, so it shouldn't be a total loss.

    Just keep in mind that, however much this amount of canna/material effects you with so little processing, in such a weak solvent, that instead you may have had up to several, more powerful doses, with the right level of processing and a pure oil source. :eek:

    Good luck with your milkshake! :)
  9. i just smoked a fatty outside before i started cooking, and instantly got paranoid someone was gonna walk downstairs, catch me & ask what i was doing!... :(

    i tasted it earlier, and it does taste alot like weed, its been in the fridge since last night, and is still in there and will be until tomorrow afternoon and im gonna drink it then on an empty stomach, i left it the fridge longer to try and make it abit more potent, who knows though, its alll experimenting ;)

  10. More like all of it :smoking:
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    That's true, when you're first learning it's often a good idea to learn from your own trial and error. :D

    For many of us though, there is no longer quite as much experimenting involved when it comes to the basic principles behind oil-based processing, and after years of experimenting with the same and numerous similar techniques we know what does and doesn't work, how well different methods turn out, and we know what to expect when we cut corners in certain ways. :)

    It's why we try to help folks who may have less, or no experience at all, to better understand the process, so they may use the material they have as efficiently and effectively as possible. Some people can not afford to use 5 or more doses worth of material, on a single, and potentially-mild or failed experience. Whether they use cannabis recreationally, or medicinally, absorbing as much potency as possible from the material available, is often the first thing on many folks minds!
    When someone's brownies turn out a certain way, or less desirable than expected and hoped for, just from the description of the effects some of us can often tell whether or not it was a lack of decarbing, whether it was the kind of oil they used, and even what kind of oil it was, even before we're told how they made their oil, or brownies!

    Some still-common processing methods can require 3 to 5 times more material per dose, than the amount really needed, and that's if they even work at all... this is because these methods capture only a fraction of the potency available, the rest is wasted either due to degradation, or a lack of activation and bioavailability, causing perfectly good potency that may have been utilized to simply go 'in one end and out the other', without absorption.
    Firecrackers for instance are already 'worst-case-scenario', or rushed edibles, but when the steps of the recipe aren't followed exactly, or if they are rushed even further, patients who normally only smoke a small bowl per session, find themselves eating half an 1/8th or more to feel anything at all.

    It explains why the dose must be multiplied, when you cut corners; when you reduce the amount of potency you absorb per any unit of weight, or you destroy it by cranking the heat and rushing, then you're only getting a fraction of potency per unit, so you need to increase the number of total units you consume for an accumulative effect. Processed better, you'll get more potency per unit, and less (sometimes much less!) is needed. No method reliably achieves 100% potency absorption, but you can at least increase the percent your body absorbs, by not eating your cannabis glandular material basically 'raw', or too under-processed. :)

    This is why we have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edible stories. Processing matters, eating raw and partially raw cannabinoids, can reduce what would be the equivalent of numerous solid, powerful doses, to one single, mild, and disappointing experience. :eek: :(

    When a patient needs to know how to process his material as well as possible, he can benefit from the enormous amount of material that other people have wasted over the years, by taking their cautions into consideration and following a few simple tips.

    I and several others, have devoted pounds and pounds, to inferior methods over the years, between my own inexperience early on (no pre-decarbing, tea with water alone, milk and cream alone, and with butter, water in my butter, unclarified butter :p), and then even later and up to the present, I've knowingly and intentionally wasted material and potency with methods I had not yet tried, but could already deduce or assume wouldn't work, just so I could know that I've physically tried certain options myself, so I have a better idea what to expect from different methods, and most of all so I can have a slightly better understanding of what to expect from cannabis glandular material, in general, under various conditions. :)


    Most of that may or may not have seemed interesting, so to keep things relevant, we'll move on to your 10 - 15 minute shake. :)

    What you tasted and likely smelled earlier, was primarily terpene/flavanoid content, these elements are primarily responsible for the odor and flavor cannabis has, and at this stage, their presence is in no way connected to how active, or how bioavailable your cannabinoids are. They can and do enhance cellular permeability, but without being broken down properly in an oil source, or other edible solvent, cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb.
    Hopefully you at least decarbed first? Activation, or decarboxylation (the removal of the carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor) can not readily occur in a watery solution.

    But don't start to worry, or get pessimistic, I really don't mean this to sound like I'm coming down on you for experimenting with, or trying something that (to you at least!) seems new and exciting :)

    Treat this like a learning experience, remember what you've figured out so far, and you will have MUCH better results next time when you use a better edible solvent to begin with, and process it properly with your herb. :hello:
    And keep in mind that if you enjoy this milkshake and the experience it provides, that next time, you could have three or four times as many shakes or more, using the same amount of material, if you process it a bit better first :)

    Hope this helps, good luck, and have fun!

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