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Weed Milk/Tea report

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mordevic, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Sup yall, i was about to make weed milk and i thought, why not make a detailed guid with pictures and stuff, because i havn't yet seen one.
    You'll need:
    200ml or 1 cup whole milk
    200ml or 1 cup water
    a teabag
    i used around 0.7g, have a small tolerance
    suger/honey is optional
    Decarbing weed(I reccommend you do this!)
    1. Preheat oven on 154C or 310F
    2. Grind weed really fine
    3. Spread out over a plate with high edges or some sort of tray'[​IMG]
    4. Make airtight with aluminium foil
    5. My weed was reaaal dry so it took only 10 minutes. Depending on the amount weed used and the   wetness of the weed you should try something between 10 and 18 minutes.
    6. Let it cool down! (5 minutes) All the fumes need to settle first, or youll lose em
    7. Scrape it out
    Making the Milk/Tea
    1. Put milk and water in pan, bring to a boil
    2. Add weed and put fire low, so its only boiling little bubbles
    3. Keep stirring for 25 minutes AT LEAST!
    4. Turn off heat, add teabag
    5. Filter it, unless you like little pieces of weed in your drink (i didnt care and couldnt find a filter so i didnt)
    6. Add sugar/honey at own taste
    7 Enjoy!   
    I hope this is useful for you all :)
    I can now officially report that this works. after 3 non working edibles this one is actually kicking in. I cant wait :D

  2. id imagine throwing a little butter in there may help with fat content, just a teaspoon-tablespoon.
  3. Great idea, ima try that tonight if i can find some good butter
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    i make hot coco pretty much how you are doing it. i also grind up the bud so it is super fine and then decarb it in a foil pouch. that way it dissolves into the milk when i am heating it up. you dont get green stuff in your teefers either :yay:  if you feel like there are oils on the foil pouch then you can use the dull end of a butter knife to lightly scrape it off. just make sure the foil and the butter knife are warm enough to melt the oils for easy extraction { and by warm i mean warm not hot so you dont burn yourself}.
    that gets me blasted every time i make it. i have also made it with out decarbing in the oven and it still works really good. i almost think that the heat from when i i am warming the milk adds a decarb like effect or something.

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