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Weed Makes My grades Better?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadaGanj, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Alright so, im not the smartest person academically, but im very bright as many people have told me. (Not trying to brag just helps my point) So i have always been a slacker and just figured, when a problem comes, il figure a way out. And yea i know thats the wrong attitude, but its worked so far. I like to slack off in class and just maintain a passing grade. I was originally a 63% grade average. I started smoking pot a month ago, and so far , i have done my assignments and work so well, that i raised myself all the way to a 75% average!? I was always told that pot has the complete opposite effects. Has this ever happened to anyone else. I mean, it could not be the pot, just my inner instinct. So thats why i want to know. What positive impacts has marijuana had on other people? Thanks
  2. hahaha ya I always did better in school while smoking weed just because it was like I was on autopilot.
  3. all the time
  4. Its diffrent for everyone. I seem to be way more focused on school work, but at the same time when I smoke before classes I defiantly feel interested in certain classes, but whats bad is you wont remember it in the long term. Your brain has a weird chemical reaction to things...when you smoke weed and you study for a test while your high your not going to remember that you stuided when you take that test unless you get high and take the test. Just like drink coffee or soda while studying you'll remember even more if you drink coffee or soda or whatever u had while u were studing and remember more when taking the test, its a weird brain chemical intake reaction thing.
  5. Thats happening with me. i started smoking not to long ago, and while I have gotten angrier when someone tells me I cant have an opinion or something like that(my dad, but I don't like him anytime, and dont think I ever really have), my grades have been going up a little because I have started to do more work.
  6. well for me its like this

    weed+school= no work done at all
    weed+adderall+school= doing all my work and more and having fun doing it!!!
  7. good on you dude, keep it up. i missed a gross amount of days (close to 70 full days) in my last year of high school due to anxiety. recently i've started using mj to treat it and i feel that i would've been able to make it to class everyday had i started using then. sometimes i can be a fucking wreck all day, and once i get a hit in me i'm completely chill, my constant nausea is gone and i just feel great.
  8. or maybe weed has nothing to do with it, and you're just maturing?
  9. blasphemy. its gotta be the weed :p

    and i too suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, i'm constantly nauseas if i don't smoke and alot more social :)

    I also feel if i had taken a rip before school i wouldn't have done as bad as I did
  10. It's definitely helped my theory of knowledge grade, I'll tell you that much. Some of the stuff makes no goddamn sense unless you're high

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