Weed Makes Me Hate Girls

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCoolest420, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. So i notice that weed makes me dislike women. And people in general. When im not high im a pretty cool/nice guy.

    When i smoke im still cool. But i see all a girls flaws. And weed just makes every girl look so stupid and ordinary to me. It does the same thing with guys but not as bad.

    I cant have a good relationship because whenever i get high i start thinking no girl is good enough for me. And weed makes it so that i dont care that these thoughts are rude lol. Anyone else have this?
  2. Maybe you want a weiner in your mouth

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    Is it lonely up there?

    Up on your pedestal?

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  5. You sound great.
  6. I'm sober now and you seem pretty stupid and ordinary to me

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  7. No. Don't smoke weed.
  8. youre gay right? 

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  11. Sounds like weed is trying to open up your eyes to a serious attitude problem.  :confused_2: You can't go around perceiving everyone around you as flawed and unworthy of your presence. That's just not a healthy way to go about life. You've got to figure out what about everyone you love and appreciate, then stew on that instead.
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    Found OPs pic

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  13. Oh no, weeds turnin' you gay. LOL
    seriously though, Its actually pretty common among prepubescent teens to start to dislike the opposite sex or be attracted to the same sex because of the overload of THC in your brain. Something to do with too much dopamine, I don't know all the scientific jargon.
  14. *dies
    You're saying he smokes too much? Haha! Thc overload for sure

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  15. He killed his GC career Omg this is better than the thread of the guy who didn't wash asking for solutions!

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  16. Hey OP, did you ever thing that people look at you when your high and think "Oh god, this kid is stoned off his ass, Needless to say but i will to myself anyways, It doesn't make him look anymore flawed than I, even when he's high"

    Your just thinkin to much man, weed will do that to you if your young and can't control being high.
  17. ... I dont have a gc career.

    To all you guys making the gay jokes i never said i wasnt attracted to girls. I'm straight.

    I think the major problem is actually me. The reason i judge girls so harshly while high is because i see them as a reflection of myself. I dont think im good enough im always trying to get better. And when im high i see that aspect of my life as lacking.

    And no i dont have impossible standards. But all you blades who get steady pussy know even Eva Longoria has her flaws. You fuck a girl everyday. Learn everything about her. Your gonna find a lot of stuff wrong with her. Its different then looking at a pic and saying "oh shes hot"
  18. loled yea youre right. Im thinking way too much. Time to load another bowl
  19. Keep digging your own grave. You look at girls and see a reflection of yourself? Aha this is the best thread ever!

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  20. Maybe you are attracted to dudes too, you just haven't fully realized it yet. I mean I am attracted to both and I really don't care if people have a problem with it. It is a great way to live IMO. You just gotta keep smoking till you figure it out.

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