weed, lsd and mushrooms v. questions

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by giroldo, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. in about two hours i will be tripping on about 1.8 g of shrooms and a friend will be taking two hits of lsd.

    we have tons and tons of bud, blunt wraps and a bong. Weed smoking will be mixed in with the nights schedule as well, for added fun.

    any tips for me about shrooms and my friend for lsd?

    ive never done shrooms before, my friends done shrooms but never acid.

    i weigh about 130 5'6" and i didnt eat since about 8. i will take these 1.8 g on an empty stomach.

    generally, will this be enough for me to trip?
    also, i take prozac, is it safe with shrooms?
  2. Definitely, 1.8g will be enough for you first time. You'll trip pretty good and you'll be introduced to the world of psychedelics. Probably better too cuz i did an eighth my first time tripping and it was quite intense, as was the nausea. Had a blast though, wouldn't change that trip for the world.

    As for LSD, your friend is going to laugh until his face cramps. I think it's quite impossible to have a bad time on acid.
  3. Dude, 1.8g is kinda small. Sure, you'll feel pretty good and get mild visuals, but you really need an eighth to trip. Your friend, on the other hand, will be completly gone. In fact, if it's his first time doing acid, I would strongly recommend only doing one hit.
  4. I wouldn't recommend taking it with Prozac. Not only will it greatly diminish the effects but you also run the risk of seritonin syndrome.

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