Weed Longlasting After Affect?

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  1. So, this has been scaring me lately, I've smoked twice in the past 4 months and I've been sober for a month. Even though its been a month, I feel like I'm in a dream and its kind of hard to describe. I've smoked before the last two times and enjoyed the small high, but the second to last time I smoked way too much and freaked out. The last time I only took a few hits. I've researched it and a few other people have felt the same way, and we all had anxiety and panick attacks in common. I know it has something to do with that, if there is anyway to fix this please let me know. This is actually starting to scare me and make me careless for my life. I just want to be chill and relaxed like the first few times I smoked.
    P.S. the bud wasn't laced, I smoked with other people.
  2. Its all in ur head! Just smoke somemore!

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  3. This does happen with some people, but you have to understand that it actually is all in your head. Just smoke and if you feel like that again try to meditate it can help a hell of allot. Mind over matter mate.
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    Don't think about it chances are its all in your head smoke again maybe your trying to experience that feeling/mindset again and just don't realize it.
  5. I have anxiety and when I smoke I get crazy thoughts and shit that are all in my head, so I know what your going through and you just have to tell your self you can get through an it's not real.
  6. Sorry but this OP sounds like a fake story against pot.  but who knows...  
    If it's real, what the heck are u even talking about?  It made u feel funny.  Well whatever, maybe pot is not ur thing, so don't smoke it anymore lol.  
  7. Ive had hundreds of panic attacks. Now I smoke very small amounts like pack my one hitter twice, I havent used my pipe in a year and I still get high. Just go into each session with a positive outlook and you should be fine. If you freak out it will pass in a half hour (at least for me). I have had enough panic attacks to where I am used to getting through them. I avoid bongs too I dont ever get ripped I just like a nice buzz.
  8. Plus you save so much money smoking a little and my tolerance never changes lol.
  9. That, "feeling like everything is a dream" thing is very common with Depersonalization. 
    If you want a website were people experience the same thing PM me.
  10. sounds very...strange. I have felt this way before but it only lasted 1 day after. And that was years ago
  11. Google Depersonalization/Derealization
  12. That's not too much to worry about man, you're not going mad. Watch some Spongebob, have a cup of tea, you'll be fine. :)
  13. You probably don't deal with sativas too well. Next time smoke a lil bit of an indica dominant strain and see how you feel.

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