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  1. Doing a Weed legalization speech for English, there are a lot of people in my class that are oblivious too weed other than what tv says, very narrow minded. All they know if "WEED IS BAD AND KILLS YOUR BRAIN. YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TOO CRACK IF YOU DO IT."

    I'm gonna incorporate humor along with the real facts too it.

    Any websites and or advice would be much appreciated .

    I'm looking too chance some minds ! :)
  2. ... norml.org leap.cc abovetheignorance.com? njweedman.com
  3. watch the marijuana monolouges for an idea of how to incorporate humor into it.
  4. I'd love to read it when you're done
  5. Alright broheimer, you need to watch the union documentary. Google search "The Union" documentary and watch the video, its like an hour and forty five minutes long but it makes some very good points.

    First you need to quote some statistics that proves to your audience that weed really isn't that bad for people and that it's not addictiting (weed is less addictive than caffeine, that statement always is a revelation for people). Some people will have heard of the government study that took place in the 80s that stated that weed kills brain cells. Tell people that the government hid the procedure for that study for about six years until the process leaked out. The government put gas masks on monkeys and pumped pure smoke into them for 4 minutes. 4 minutes is about 1 minute past the point that brain cells start dying due to lack of oxygen, so the government was suffocating these monkeys... bastards....

    The next thing that you should point out is that the fact that weed is illegal means that this HUGE market is profiting the black market, if weed got legalized the black market would practically go out of business. Plus all that money would be going through legit business and taxes from that business would go to the government.

    One thing many people say is that weed is a gateway drug... bs... There is no chemical element in weed that forces you to do harder drugs. Well people say that smoking weed de-sensitizes you do doing hard drugs... well, it does... But only because it's illegal, when kids are smoking weed and breaking the law by doing so, it de-sensitizes them to breaking the law. Plus the dealers they come into contact with want them to get hooked on harder drugs so they make more money. With a legal dealer of weed, you dont have all that extra pressure and exposure to harder drugs.

    Next people will probably say "well there is nothing 'good' about smoking so why should we legalize it. You need to say that it's not about whether or not it's moral. Its about whether or not it hurts anybody ELSE's right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which it doesn't). Then you need to point out that the U.S. government spends 14 billion dollars a year on pursuing arresting prosecuting and ultimately, jailing small time marijuana users Which is a complete waste of time and money when police could be focusing on much more important things and crimes that actually have VICTIMS!

    Then the line you should end your speech with is: "so you all need to ask yourselves, should our government really be spending 14 billion dollars of taxpayer money to prevent people from using a substance that is less intoxicating than alcohol and less addictive than caffeine." That is a killer line that has brought many people over to my way of seeing things on this issue
  6. Bumppp. The websites didn't really have the right information I was looking for.
  7. You must post when finished. This is a rule. :smoking:
  8. check my thread saying "The Union The business behind getting high".

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