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Weed Karma??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SomthingChronic, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. So i have only been smoking about a year, and the way I was taught was to be very generous with my weed. In some peoples eyes I practially give my weed away. I always smoke people out (complete strangers included), doesnt matter if you match me or not. If i dont want to smoke anymore i have let people pack a bowl for themselves with my pipe, etc. I tell people I am building weed karma, and its working. I am buying more bud for the first time in a month. ANd I have been smoking atleast 2 bowls a day.

    I was smoking with one of my best friends the other day couldnt believe how much I smoke out other people. He has been smoking for a LONG time and he thinks people should match unless they are close friends.

    Does anyone else have good weed karma or pretty much hand out their weed? Or am I in the minority??
  2. You may be the minority my friend, but keep doing what your doing Karma and weed karma are real. I have been smoking for about 4 years, and it wasnt until recently that i believed in karma at all. I was never a stinge but definatly i could have been more generous. when it was like that my highs were always good but now i have been doing what you do i smoke out complete strangers and am fine with it, and now my highs are so much better, but its not even that just at all times in the day i am in a better mood and everything seems to come easier. I doubt its only exclusive to weed though be good to the world, and the world will treat you likewise. KEEP BELIEVING IN KARMA!!

    hope this helps
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    lol well, it would be financially unwise of me to be generous with weed to that degree. The only time I even consider smoking somene up is if they have none (because I know for daily smokers that's a nightmare) and are a friend who I see frequently (because I expect the favor returned). That's just how it works in my smoking circle. That's how we've always done it. None of us have that much money to throw around and considering weed is outrageously expensive, we all have no choice but to be stingy most of the time I guess lol.
  4. Yes I am the same way. Within my group of friends it is only myself and one other (of 5-7) that EVER buy weed. I have no problem constantly smoking others out and even letting them pack bowls for themselves. What goes around comes around my friend.
  5. I'm fucking broke so no I'm not generous lol. Sometimes i'll smoke people up but like 95% of the time you gotta drop somethin
  6. If I have weed then I always share it with my best friends and they do the same :) but hmm... smoking out complete strangers is sketchy, might be a cop as well..
  7. I was very generous with my weed when I could get high from Regular Bud. But now that my tolerance is probably at it's max and I have been smoking dro for about a year and a half straight, I do not generally share my buddah with anyone, though there are exceptions. Most of my friends have they own shit anyway, which is nice.
  8. fuck yea me too i smoked my freinds out all the time even on weekends i smoke them out give them like 5+ bowls for free
  9. I'm not quite that nice lol but hell I smoke up a lot of people and the thing is its dank nug. the only time I wont smoke someone up is if they ask for me too, I hate when people do that
  10. I'm not quite that nice lol but hell I smoke up a lot of people and the thing is its dank nug. the only time I wont smoke someone up is if they ask for me too, I hate when people do that
  11. i smoke up anyone that wants to smoke! unless ive smoked with them before and they were an asshole about it. I just feel like weed is something that should be shared, and that its not something to hoard i guess. besides, ive had a lot of fun smoking with people at my shows!
  12. smoking alone :eek:

    smoking with a bunch of people :smoking::D:hello:

    I usually share my mj cuz people do often return the favor and cuz of the above
  13. me i smoke with close people (to blaze with me and smoke my herb without matching 3+ months :cool: need to know if its true friendships :D).

    but ill always match up a bowl with someone.:wave:
  14. Same man. I don't mind blazing people, because I feel they should have a good time. Also with my friends, we usually match, or etc. If someone get's me some bud, I usually get them stoned, for the effort they have put in.
  15. I believe in weed karma. I always will smoke out my stoners, always. I have got high everyday for at least 2 years. I even have sent a take home bag with them or even I would visit bringing gifts. I get you.... nice to have people like us huh?
  16. i pinned a dime bag(bout half full) on a bulletin board, is that being generous?
  17. haha well i smoke people up if i know them, but ill will NOT let them pack my weed and smoke it though....Not gonna happen.:cool:
  18. weed karma sucks!

    I smoked with this kid for about 6 months and usually supplied, and one day we come home and the lil fucker broke in the house and stole about 6 grand worth of stuff from my house.

    weed karma..
    my ass
  19. i am sooooo like that...

    to the point where its bad. like i always burn people for free, all the time. people actually expect me to bust out the bud sometimes and i dont really like that but i guess thats what i get for being a nice guy.

    shiiit, it might be because i dish out big dollars to get good shit only... smoking it for myself is a crime on its own, thats how good this is =p

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