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Weed is crackling

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bkcarlito, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. When I light the bowl, first hit, the weed will crackle or spark a little. Is this normal? I'm smoking some bubba kush.
  2. Stop putting pop rocks in it...

  3. fixed
  4. Bubba kush is very commonly laced with crack cocaine. You might be fucked, do you see little crystal-like rocks all over your buds?
  5. could be from not being flushed.
  6. could be a seed, but if its bubba kush i doubt it..
  7. My shit always cracks if i'm using a pipe or apple. Thats when you know your really chiefin. Its extra dry too
  8. Crackling usually means it had spider mites. Or possibly it's just some dry bud and is crackling for whatever reason. Either way you're all good.

    Unless their was meth in it. Cause remember, crackling weed isn't normal... But on meth it is.
  9. maybe its uber dry.
  10. Now i'm scared that my weeds been fucked before. My weed used to always crackle in the summer and it was medical grade.:confused_2:
  11. The last I picked up has been crackling a little (G13/Purple Haze), not on every pull, only sometimes. It's probably just dry or something, unless you pass out I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. This is why I grow my own dank now.
  13. it could be laced with anthrax you must call the emergency services immediately then inform your local news as you wait for the medics to arrive so they can inform the public to be on alert
  14. when you light your lighter over or near your bowl small flakes of flint fall into the bowl and when you bring the lighter to them it ignites them and causes them to spark.

  15. This^^^^

    Or it's either too dry, therefore burning fast and crackling, or extra dank and sticky making it boil(?) therefore making a crackling or popping noise
  16. This happened me with the weed i just finished on friday, apparently the dealer was just starting out, but his cousin got some too so i doubht he was going to sell his cousin some laced weed, so im hopin im all good !
  17. You jerked the words right out of my mouth.

  18. If its medical grade it won't be laced there's a reason it's MEDICAL grade
  19. ur smoking schwagg. that's why. all the sticks/stems/seeds/garbage/etc

    smoke some dank- guarantee it don't happen./
  20. you probably had seeds or stems in your bowl which caused it to crackle

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