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Weed is all I can think about!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piffcity09, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I havn't smoked in 2 weeks, on a T break. I know it aint addicting but shit i'm so damn bored so the only thing on my mind is the buddah. FUUUUCK
  2. I feel you man. Im also on a t break and all I think of is how great its gonna be when I finaly start smoking again. That and where the heck im gonna get money for the weed when my break is over lol.
  3. hahaa i just caved and smoked some grinder kief and some resin!pretty decent buzz. probably guna go pick up some tommorow or saturday.
  4. I hear you man it's been 1.5 weeks, and I won't be smoking for another 4 days or so. I can't wait :smoking::smoking:
  5. haha im in day 8 of my 2 week break im feeling ya man!
  6. hahah T BREAKERS UNITE!
  7. The fact that us T-breakers are on GC posting says enough.... :D
  8. I am not on a T-Break and all I think about is smoking.
  9. haha I was thinking the same thing!
  10. im not on a t-break, but i think about pot all the time, perhaps to much. :rolleyes:

    reminds me, i need to buy some for this weekend:D
  11. t-break or not, weed is all i think bout'. Youtube MJ vids, and the forum are the only interesting things on the internet these days. -_-
  12. I took an unintentional seven month t break, I moved, I'm moving back tuesday and I'm gettin baked like a fuckin potatoe.
  13. [quote name='"420GaNjX"']t-break or not, weed is all i think bout'. Youtube MJ vids, and the forum are the only interesting things on the internet these days. -_-[/quote]

    You forgot about porn
  14. I'm on a mandatory break due to random testing, I started last monday but I caved friday and took 1 hit of hash. And there's no need to tell me, I know I have no self-control. But watching MJ vids does not help the cause. Working out is pretty much the only thing that satisfies me and truly takes my mind off weed
  15. I'm on a vacation with my family in florida, and yes it does cross my mind quite a bit but I have bud at home waiting for me tomorrow, and I just had a 5 day T break:)

    It's all about the positive thinking my friend.
  16. I'm on day 3 of my T-break and i'm in the same boat is you. All I've been doing is blasting reggae and reading the forums. This is gonna be the longest 30 days of my life...

  17. Hour 13 of a long t break prob. Gotta get my life straightened out. Although I have like .5 left so I have one more time to get lit before it's over for a while. damnit
  18. I know how you feel. Im going to have to go on a forced t break i want to quit so i can pass drug tests..
  19. On a got caught t break. Hopefully i get this job delivering pizzas. Rolling down the streets delivering food baked as fuck is what's up.
  20. I used to be like that.. a few years ago.. I smoke everyday.. ALL day..

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