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Discussion in 'General' started by jamescameron, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. have you guys noticed that there have been a bunch of weed apps on the appstore? i just found out when i got bored on myphone and downloaded a bunch. I think the best one was prolly the "marijuanapro+' app. it was hella chill reading about what the strain does and then taking it. it had a crap load of strains and didnt need a data connection like the other apps. what do you guys think, have you noticed hella apps on the applestore? i just wanted to let you guys know that this was probably one of the better ones that i got.
  2. So I take it you found us that way?

  3. haha naw, i was just tired of the same old weed, wanted to spice it up and try new ones from my local dispensary, just saw a bunch of em on the appstore and why not get em, the more the merrier
  4. Get Leafly if you haven't already
  5. YO YO YO!

    Advertising up in here.

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