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Weed in past generations

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokeyeyes12, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. I try to keep updated with weed activism and watch a lot of debates from opposing sides. A lot of reporters like to bring up the argument that todays weed is far stronger and dangerous than it was in the 60's. Most of the cannabis connoisseurs would counter that and say the 60's had just as potent weed as we do today.

    I don't know too much into this, considering I am of this generation and never experienced 60's weed but I was wondering what everyones take on this ?
  2. Well what i know is ya there were some good strains back then but they weren't as potent as some are to day. Also there is a lot more strains now since people started growing indoors where you can manage EVERYTHING. Its just now we know what were doin. weed is better 2day... thank god :)
  3. In the way that the media and government use this argument it is mostly a myth. Here are a few good references for you:

    NORML's Marijuana Health Mythology - NORML
    ASA : Myths & Facts about Medical Marijuana
    And here (its long):
    The 'Potent Pot' Myth | Drugs | AlterNet

  4. The only reason the hippies smoked so much was because the shit was schwag and it takes a lot more to get u high...

    Well that's my theory anyway
  5. The domestic weed that is grown today in North America has improved over earlier domestic stains, but most of it is still not as good as the best of the connoisseur imports we used to get in the 80's, 70's, etc.
  6. This thread exists not three or four threads down the same page.
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