Weed in Kavos, Greece?

Discussion in 'General' started by Canning, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. I will be going to kavos in Greece which is on the island of Corfu, has anyone ever scored weed there?
  2. Also looking. Did you find?
  3. Hey man, i'm from Greece although i'm not from the area that you are looking for weed so i can't help you much.. Although, i'll give you a few tips: Go to Corfu (Κέρκυρα in Greek) which is like 30 miles from Kavos, then, go at some public places like parks and stuff where you'll find young people hanging and ask around & don't be shy haha.. You will find some bud eventually but it's mid-grade mostly. AND! One last tip, don't buy if they sell expensive (The most common price for 1 gram is 4-5 Euros mid-grade bud) & DO NOT give money to anyone that tells you to wait at the spot you meet them because they will scam you for sure..
  4. Thanks! Only looking for hash really... I shall ask around. Just in Corfu town for now...
  5. Well you will not find hash by 85%..at Corfu there is lots of Albanian bud which comes cross the sea-borders all the time (Of course the Harbor police is paid lot's of cash for this to be done with no concerns by the dealers). But hash is inexplicable at islands like Corfu..good luck finding though ! Greetings from beautiful and sunny Greece ! :smoke:

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