weed in italy .. need info

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. alright im going in vacation to italy you think i can score some nice weed there ... and also what are the prices ?? thanx
  2. We stoners don't travel as much as you'd think...

    goto Webehigh.com and look up your region in Italy

    it'll be the best info you can get, for sure

    If that site says its pretty cool over there, than you're best bet is to ask people who look like hippied if they have any
  3. dunno bout you man but i wouldnt wanna get caught in a foreign country copin from a undercover or some other shit jail wouldnt be fun in a foreign country...i would just go on break for a bit till u get back...just get trashed on booze
  4. Haha you stoner

    You left the key letter "e" out of "be"
  5. i dont drink ...only for taste ill have a beer or good vine .. i hate getting drunk .. i hate vomiting and i hate hangovers
  6. I love wine
  7. yeah a glass of wine after a nice spliff is nice .. tastes nice .. so is a beer
  8. Memorize this sentence, then hope you can tell what they're tryign to say by their reaction.

    In English:

    Do you know where I can buy marijuana?
    In French:

    Savez-vous où je peux acheter la marijuana ?
  9. ima goin to italy dawg not france
  10. lmao
  11. Hahaha exactly
  12. I'd expect mostly hash in that region of europe.

    All of the mediteranian countries i know of, hash is very abundant, but herb not so much.

    I wouldn't know specifically what to find in Italy though, sorry.

  13. when are u going to italy man?

    gonna be going there soon myself, leave for switzerland july 17th and then backpacking through europe with the eurail pass with some buddies, france, spain, italy, germany, and the netherlands, gonna be sweet
  14. I went to china at the start of the summer and we found weed there. so just look for someone who looks like they would smoke. its not too hard
  15. like in a week or 2
  16. I managed to pick some mids up a few years ago in rome. I was walking around wishing i had some herb and i saw a "likely suspect", so i just said the universal "marihuana?". Dude was off in a flash and came back w/ a bag.

    It wasnt the best in the world, but when you're in another country, fiendin for bud, that's more than enough.

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