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Weed in Ecuador

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hummus, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm going to Ecuador in a few weeks and was hoping to find some green while I was there. The only thing I'm worried about is getting arrested by the police in a foreign country or getting ripped off. If anyone who's been there or lives there can tell me about the legality of weed there and the prices and where I could find it?

  2. Thanks Astronaut, but I was hoping to get another person's experience so I have a more detailed explanation of what to expect. I'll still take a look at the site though :)
  3. i'd just look around for people that make it obvious they burn, just walk around the beach areas and some tourist areas. i found a deal on the beach when i was there, idr prices though
  4. If you are going to Ecuador, you might sample some other more "pure" things :)

  5. i just smuggle my own if i need to fly somewhere

    i put it in smaller bags, bout a dime or 20 sack, depending on how paranoid i am, and duct tape them running down the inside of my jeans

    works like a charm

    but make sure u tape it good
    dear god

    and dont give um any reason to search you :D
  6. I've never been to Ecuador but spent time in Mexico. Just remember:

    If you're taking it in with you, you're smuggling it into the country. In most places that's way worse than trying to buy it there.

    When you leave the US you do not take your constitutional rights with you. Most central american countries laws are based on Napoleonic code. You are guilty until proven innocent. You do not have the same rights against search and seizure. Bribing a cop is a crapshoot, it could work or it could get your in deeper. Thing you have to remember is that once they have you and your stuff in custody, you can't bribe them because they already have your stuff. If they want it they'll just take it. You have to take the chance at first contact and if the cop is sufficiently corrupt and thinks you have the cash on you, he might just take you in for the bribe, take your shit and your money anyway, and let your ass rot in jail.

    According to webehigh weed is not well tolerated in Ecuador. If you need it so bad you want to risk years in a third world jail, knock yourself out. Me, I'd content myself with the local mezcal or rum for a while.
  7. I wouldn't do this. Risk getting caught buying over getting caught smuggling. It will be available their if you look for it

  8. umm ecuador? bribe? i suggest you dont. unless you want to risk doing 15-80yrs
  9. watch the fuck out brotha.

    5-0 ain't friendly down in my homeland. if u tryin to bribe you better be packin some fat cash.

    but yeah your best bet and least risky is get it from the dawgs in the otavalo market.
  10. yeah man fuck that shit, marijuana tickets are shitty, but years in other country jail....fuck thaaat
  11. Just go without for a few weeks.

    A common scam in third world countries is to sell tourists drugs, and then turn them into the cops for a commission.
  12. u can get it in this place called "mercado Artesanal"
    just ask anyone that sells pipes they will hook it up
    u can get some good dank for 20 an oz.
  13. Im currently in Guayaquil bro, and I scored some nice leafy, Sativa-looking reggies from this guy wearing a Marley Rasta shirt at the mall lol... apparently they only have regs around here unfortunately, but I've heard that in this awesome little hippie/surfer beach town called Montanita (very famous for bud) its TOO easy to score some flowers... its EVERYWHERE, literally... you can ask the hotel manager for some, or even the resturant waiter lol... i heard there's only like 2 cops in the entire town, and they are on bikes, and THEY themselves smoke hash, so its all good baby baby =)

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