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Weed In Costa Rica?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BowlingBowlz, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Im heading down to CR with my family for two weeks, and want to know if there is the love of my life there, Mary Jane. Im going to Manuel Antonio. So if any of you guys/girls have been there, please let me know if theres some green.
  2. Just spend time with your family and take a 2 week break... It wouldn't be worth going to jail over seas.

  3. Just a one day thing, it would be premo to soke some green down there.
  4. My cousin went there over the summer. I didn't talk to him about it, but he didn't complain about not smoking while there and since he smokes every day I assume he found some. He was near the pacific side of the country. Manuel Antonio is near there so you should be good.
  5. Well I have been down to Costa Rica twice. The first time I was with my mom and didnt really look much but the second time I was with a friend and we got some weed twice. The first time we just walked through San Jose looking around at everyone with somewhat curious looks and after about half and hour a guy came up and in good english said " you guys look like your looking for some weed". So we bought 5 grams off that guy for the equivalent of 40$ US. The stuff was easily the worst weed Iv ever bought as it honestly hadre sticks in it but it did get us high and being high on the beach in CR is incredible. The next weed we were in a tiny village called Cabuya and at night as we were walking down the street we passed some kids our own age who as they passed us just kept saying marijuana pretty loud pretty sure to get our attention. We turned and said marijuana back and the deal was made. We got litterally a gram for 30$ of what would be brick weed here in the US but we were still happy. Every person we talked to offered us "insane to the membrane" which is apperently slang for coke but just politely refused. Most places I think it will be pretty easy to find it especially places like montezuma where people smoke joints in restaurants and on the street. We were offered an ounce for 50$ there but were out of money. Good luck
  6. Costa Rica is the (second) best country in the world! Guy on the beaches are selling ganja all the time! Especially look for guys with tats of the leaves. I lived there for a few months one summer and it was the most fun i've ever had. Don't expect the finest, lab grown, sticky sticky like you might find in the US, but i got some allright scores. The delightful atmosphere and tropical climate makes you seem higher than you have ever been. I highly recommend going for a walk in the rainforest if you can. You have to hire a guide to go into the reservations but it is amazing. They don't sell it in grams though. They have lids, which is like a fat joint or blunts worth, and cheap too!
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    I was in Guanacaste, CR (northwestern part) this past summer to surf. I knew this chick who lived there, and she hooked us up with an eighth of dank for $50 U.S.D. It was way better than anything I have bought in the U.S. I guess it pays to know a local w/connections. I've heard CR has alot of brick weed. But idk how things are in Central CR. I was there for a week and only saw 3 cops the whole time, and everyone smoked where we were. Most ppl who surf smoke so ask a surfer where you can find some.
  8. Bro iv been to the exact same place your going to.

    Just go down where the beach is and you'll see the flea market with all the bowls and shirts and towels and what not. (not quepos)

    I found a guy right in manuel antonio who was growing it on his balcony and sold me some prime bud. Took me about 10 minutes, also found some amazing edibles.

    Found some amazing yayo 2 :cool: best place on earth man.
  9. Man take it from a local, weed here is almost legal. We get caught by police they take the bud and let us go. They usually go smoke it themselves and you can probably buy it back from them.

    Dank weed here with the right people. Santa Teresa, Jaco, Tamarindo can get yourself some really dank eith for 50$ or 60$
  10. I'd call that corruption, not legalization.
  11. [quote name='"jdlemonhead25"']? idk what that means[/quote]

    He's calling you a cop bro. You have four posts and you want someone to email you about a weed hookup. Either you're the shittiest cop ever or a sketchball.
  12. [quote name='"Megacosm"']

    He's calling you a cop bro. You have four posts and you want someone to email you about a weed hookup. Either you're the shittiest cop ever or a sketchball.[/quote]
    Couldn't of said it better myself, man.
    Except for maybe the "sketchball" part.
  13. Definitely a pig
  14. Hey look the cops getting angry
  15. Im sorry officer
  16. They have flea markets all over the place. Just go to one of those and look for the guy selling pipes and whatnot. They can point you in the right direction.
  17. I stayed a week in Coco which is north west but I couldn't find any til the last day cuz I was with my fam. But I found kids my age, skated with them and they offered to smoke me up on a jay of their weed they bought it at a bar for 10,000 colognes($20) we smoked right on the beach staring at the sunset over the ocean. It was fuckin chillin. The atmosphere there deffinatley gave me a better high plus i hadn't smoked in a week so my tolerance was low
  18. Dude, Ive been in Costa Rica for a month now and have not had a problem finding bud. The problem is finding that crip. I can ususally find some decent green (mids), there's plenty of brick (i dont touch that though). I'd say definitely the beach towns, Jaco is well known for its abundance of greens. Quepos/Manuel Antonio is where I found the most though, mainly cuz I friended a local dealer. Dominical is the only place I was able to find crip, got smoked out by some local surfers, was the best high, right by the beach, watching the sunset... I'm headed to Montezuma next (Montefuma! lol), can't wait to see what herbal adventures I encounter there!
    But yeah I'd say CR has a nice abundance of the green if you know where to look.
    Pura Vida!

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