Weed improving school life

Discussion in 'General' started by Jobaclober420, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Ever since I've started smoking weed I've been in a total zone of deep in my own mind.this can sometimes be a bad thing but when it comes to school work it make me zone into focus and somehow complete work easier and faster than I used to be.i think it might be that because it makes me zone into my head,it means that I zone into one thing instead of getting distracted by other things around me. I'm getting phone calls home saying how good I'm doing and i fell good about school life.weed has become a big part of my Lepidus and I have to say,
    why do you think it's been helping me with work I want knowledge that could be useful.it has been bad for my short term memory but fuck it.

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  2. It helps me too. When I'm not high I can't find the motivation to get some work done or write a certain paper. But when I'm high I feel like I can write better papers
  3. It makes me more likely to do work, but the quality definitely suffers.
  4. I feel you man. I go to school blown everyday and people think I'm some type of lowlife because I go to school high. Then I show them my grades and it makes them think twice. When I'm high I over think a lot of stuff and that's what you need to do in school but on your work. I may slack off sometimes when I'm high as shit but I still know what I'm doing

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