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Weed impairs my taste buds.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StealthRider, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I've noticed that, Marijuana can impair as well as improve your taste buds.
    realizing that some things that I eat taste better when I'm sober and often times it's vice versa.


    1 - I ate a bowl of cereal with expired milk for 2 minutes when I was high, without noticing how sour and bad the milk tasted :(.

    2 - I ate cheez-its when I'm high and it was a bit bland, you can taste more of the cheddar cheese flavor when I'm sober.

    Sorry if you think it's unimportant but it's something I've grown to realize.
  2. It's the exact opposite for me. Everything tastes so much better when I'm high.
  3. My marijuana makes everything taste significantly better. Even after 3 years of smoking. I'm sorry to hear that it impairs your taste, though.
  4. Tokin then feasting is one of my favorite past times :)
  5. People are different.

    When I just smoked a bowl, I can't eat until high settles. But once it does, bottomless stomach and heightened taste.
  6. Everything tastes better on Marijuana..EVERYTHING:metal:!
  7. Haha I didn't say it ONLY impairs my taste, it also improves it Fosho. I've had a lot of good meals on Marijuana, don't get me wrong. But I'm just stating that sometimes it can impair it as well.

    Cause Evidence 1 - the Bad Expired Milk. The Weed made it taste good :p that's why I didn't notice it for 2 minutes. Hahahaha I almost threw up.
  8. Everyone has different taste buds, they can be more and less sensitive to different things and stimuli... do you use a joint or bowl? Try a bubbler or bong, and try keeping hydrated.. there are a couple things that can reduce your sense of taste, dehydration is one of them. Even if it's a liquid you're consuming, if you are currently dehydrated at the time, it won't taste as strong or quite as it should. Do you use a lighter to smoke? Try a hemp wick, or you could combust or vape using a glass wand. Reducing it down to a vapor shouldn't effect your sense of taste much at all, but well flushed and properly dried/cured buds should be fine for even smoking, without the exposure to anything extra to shock and dull your taste buds.

    The more-acrid and bitter smoke produced by residual salt content and improperly broken down chlorophyll, even if it's faint, can desensitize your taste buds much more noticeably compared to the smoke from a batch of herb that was better cared for... when the smoke is a bit bitter, subtle tastes like milk can be lost on your tastebuds, and sour flavors can be easily ignored.

    You may also want to try enjoying the effects of your herb for a half hour, to an hour or so after smoking, instead of eating right away, giving the enzymes and bacteria in your mouth the opportunity to cleanse things up a bit. That aside, your mouth and taste buds could just need a bit more time to 'reset' between smoking and eating sessions than others.


  9. This is why we love you. Not even edible/growing related and yet you still have an answer. I swear I could read about marijuana all day long and never be anywhere close to the knowledge that you or granny have.
  10. cancer sticks fuk w/ my tatste buds, but their stupid. EVERYTHING tastes better blazed
  11. Yea i always think my taste buds are fucked whwn im high because some shit taste weird but when im higj food is food so i just keep eating.

  12. Probably because you were eating too fast lol. Same reason for #1 just sooo hungry.
  13. Not only is taste desensitized for me, but also my smell. I can never smell anything initially after the session. Luckily sight and sound is never impaired, in fact it's opposite, usually very intensely enhanced.
    Shit's crazy man.
  14. Was the nasty old milk when you were eating it? :3
  15. expired milk?!?!? o.0!!! grooossss, especially if it was lumpy. lol i just imagined you eating cheerios with lumpy chuncky sour milk and you throwing it up
  16. I use a volcano, i'll be sure to hydrate next time and watch out for the expiration dates on my food labels :p

    Thanks all! =)
  17. [quote name='"Muphin"']Not only is taste desensitized for me, but also my smell. I can never smell anything initially after the session. Luckily sight and sound is never impaired, in fact it's opposite, usually very intensely enhanced.
    Shit's crazy man.[/quote]

    That's weird, I have that same problem. It sticks around most the time even if I haven't smoked in hours. Plus, smoking cigarettes doesn't help that at all. :smoke:
  18. ^ exactly this. Sheldon is often correct xD :smoke:
  19. So you all of the sudden lost your high after 2 minutes and realized it was sour?
  20. I noticed this again yesterday. But, my experience was different. I ate ice cream, and it was so intensely satisfying. Afterwards, I ate some chocolate pudding and the flavor wasn't very strong.

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