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Weed immunity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austins312, May 10, 2011.

  1. Okay, for everyone that has smoked for a long time. Have you ever had to smoke more to be high for longer or to become just as high. I've only smoked marijuana ten times in my life and each high lasts about 3-4 hours. So do you get the same high for just not as long or the same length of time but just a slight buzz?
  2. Yeah, pretty much. Also depends what type of bud I'm smoking. Every once in awhile I'll get stuck with something that takes me noticably more to get high from.

    The highs develop into something different, you're no longer laughing histarically and uncontrollably on a regular basis, etc.

    I still feel the instant buzz or whatever from a good hit, but I do feel it takes me more to get to where I want to be. It also seems to fade off a bit quicker.

    Basically, you just get used to it. But never really to the point where it's unenjoyable. Lots of things can come into play to prevent things like this such as T-breaks, and all that great stuff.
  3. and then he said

    let there be hash
  4. The more/longer you smoke the less high you get and the less time it lasts. It relies on the sad concept of tolerance :(
  5. shorter and less intense

    It's pretty frustrating when you have 2 or 3 cones and 20 mins later you feel relaxed but not high

    and the last thing you want to hear in that situation is someone telling you that in order to get high u gotta stop smoking lol

    but im on a t-break now so it should be good soon when i get some more :D
  6. i ust to get baked of a cone, now though i can have a cone, 30mins later i can walk into a class, still a bit up there but you know, not completly gone. i like it but makes the habbit a lil expensive, to counter for this i just blaze when i wake up, leave my shit at home, dont have to shout people haha, but thats just me, nothing more relaxing then walking to the bustop with a nice J burning away or having a sneaky cone in the morning
  7. I haven't been smoking for AGES.. maybe 1-2 years max, but I can easily notice that my high at the moment (literally) is no where near as good as the high as when I started.. When I smoke cones now, my high last for like 20 minutes without a bong after 4-5 hits, so I have another one to keep the chillness going lol.. I actually enjoy spliff highs more :) too bad that every time I see my billy I can't help but hook up with it..
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    i smoke twice a week and my high hasn't diminished at all since i started last year
    smoking weed all day every day=pointless
  9. I think you mean tolerance, not immunity. My tolerance doesn't change much.
  10. I've been smoking nightly for about 2 months now and I noticed that it doesn't take a whole lot more to get me high, but it does last a significantly shorter period than it did before. Previously I would start coming down after about 2.5 hours, now its more like to 1.5 hours. Rather frustrating but it does allow me to squeeze in smoke sessions between errands, so its not all bad.
  11. the thing is : if you can have 2or 3 or more diferent strains , you smoke one for a
    while,than you change and you smoke another one for a while you will have less immunity
  12. Yeah, I think the word "immunity" implies that there would be little, if any, reaction to smoking after a given amount of time, but "tolerance" suggests only a diminished reaction, which is obviously much more common. Andrew Weil wrote that marijuana's potential for psychological addiction lies in the fact that it's easy to function normally while under the influence, so basically our bodies and minds just adjust to the feeling, which consequently reduces the mystical element of the high.
    If I'm not feeling like a t-break, I just try to mix things up to get out of my element and make the high a little more interesting. Different frequency, times of day, location, etc. Everything makes a difference really. When I sit at my desk and get high at night I don't feel it as much as I think I should, cause I smoke there at least once a day, but if I walk across the hall to my guest room and lay on the bed, I'm on the verge of hallucination simply because I wasn't expecting it. Its all about anticipation haha.
  13. Depends what kinda bud you're smoking. I could pack a 3rd bowl and still feel just as hit as the 1st a few hours before. Sometimes even MORE stoned.. xD

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