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Weed horn...alternatives?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Ellie123, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys and girls,
    A few years ago, my then boyfriend and I started getting high and fucking. This was particularly enjoyable with anal, and since then I've been addicted. I'm currently single, and I used to love masturbating my arse when high, but I've since given up the weed. Can anyone recommend any alternatives to get horny? (I gave up weed, basically cos I was addicted and it wasn't doing me much don't suggest coke or chrystal meth or anything - likewise, nothing as boring as oysters or chocolate)
    Any help much appreciated.
  2. You need help getting horny?



    I don't know... everything makes me horny.

    EDIT: HAHAHA nice shiny green rep bar with oooone post about anal masturbation. I love this place.
  3. ^ HA I thought the same thing. A couple more posts like these, and she will have max rep.
  4. Oh trust me I've tried porn, and I have no problems getting horny. Just not that level of horn that weed gives you so I can love it in the arse as much as i did
  5. hahahahaha, I'm sorry this is halarious. thank you!
  6. do you know penisbong?
  7. This will do the trick to get your butthole goin. You can plug the pill in your butt too for a pregame.:hello:
  8. Hmm...suggestions are getting more interesting, especially the X up the asshole! But, looking for something slightly less hard, or slightly more legal. Giving up weed was hard, I don't really want to replace it with X!
  9. why dont u just find a new boyfriend or a fuck buddy that will help solve ur problem
  10. def belongs in the sex love relationship sub forum.

    maybe try something exciting. try doing it in a public place. or maybe u wore out ur ass hole with ur bf. try putting bigger things up there. post a pic before u do it and ill tell u if its big enough. start with a toaster.
  11. beer and some horny goat weed.
  12. find someone with a penis
  13. Haha this cannot be real! So which previously banned member are you? Cali ounces? :p
  14. It's wierd you can't get horny!! You shouldn't wanna fuck if you're not horny right? and when you're horny you wanna fuck! so why do you wanna get fucked in the ass if you're not horny?? just buy like a medium size dildo and stick up there and leave it there....seen that before on this porno!
  15. No one has commented on the fact that she said she was addicted to weed?
  16. Yea i caught that but i didn't wanna say nothin cause i just figured she meant that she was addicted to the way it made her feel!

    Usually that's why people get addicted to drugs/ anything really cause they use it for the wrong reasons!! like for example if someone is tired of gettin hurt by a certain person he/she might turn to pain pills or somethin so they won't feel anything at all so everytime that certain person gets hurt they will need to take pain pills and shit!!
  17. Yeah, I think I was addicted, but...well it's not such a bad thing to be addicted to right?
    Anyway, the problem isn't really getting horny per se...i'm plenty horny. The issue is the amazing feeling the combination of weed and anal gave me. Horny goat weed sounds a bit rubbish. is it?

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