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Weed high has changed me, and changed itself

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iceman420, Oct 27, 2012.

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    So I have always been the occasional smoker, ever since I was 15. I never smoked daily, just because at the time when I did start smoking weed, I promised myself I would never turn into some failure because of it. I got this image in my head simply because I saw a lot stupid pot heads in my first year of high school, and I was acquainted with some, and all I ever knew from them was that they always failed at their classes.

    Now, going to the present time, I'm finishing up high school career this year, and having a lot of uncertainties, doubts, and anxiety about my future. Much of this mentality is being portrayed in my life at the moment, all due to the whole “college application process” at the school I go to(I transferred to a college prep/private school after my freshman year; I kiss my parents feet everyday for an oppurtunity it gave me, academically..).

    During the school year, I smoke less than the summers. At most, it would be every friday, as a “break day”. Now, I've been smoking almost half the week. It's been really weird, and the high has changed for some reason.

    Know that this is some dank indica.

    All my highs are now just not “relaxed, hungry, creative mode”, but it feels more of mental drug for me, somewhat like LSD experience(from my research); it's more of a mental, deep thinking drug, along with some hallucinations.

    Weed for me is like that, only without the hallucination part. For some reason, I'm getting some good work done, and I'm not as anxious about how much time im spending on it, or whatever ADD symptoms I have. With some my medication Vyvanse, and a small toke in the morning, I get things going. I somewhat during the day, recollect myself and think to myself, “why am I taking this medication? I feel trapped because of it.”
    So in the end, I'm getting things done, and find it more easy to put everything in order and do it in order, as in what I need to get done through the day.
    Anyone have some similar experience(s)?

    InB4 age police--> I'm 18, started school a bit late.
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    part of growing up mate, experiencing the same.

    you just have to make it more enjoyable. learn to influence the high. ;)
  3. That is good that you can manage your use at a young age. Unlike some people around here.

    Just always keep that mind my dude. Some work will get harder and the risk of failing is going to increase. Don't crack and resort medication every time you feel you are under pressure.

    I don't mean to sound condescending, but a lot of young folk only see the present. I'm not saying I can see the future, but I can grasp what my current actions will lead me to.

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