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Weed helps my blood pressure

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Offspring123, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Ok well anyways any of you remember I got caught by my parents for smoking :eek: . My dad's family has a bad history for heart attacks and such. I have to go to a doctor check-up like every 4 months or so for some other problem I have, and they check my blood pressure. It has always been a little high.

    I havent gone in a looooong time (since I started smoking) and I went after like a month I got caught. At that time I wasn't smoking and they tested my blood pressure and It was pretty high (I forgot). Then I started smoking again. My parents check my blood pressure like once a week or so. They tested it and it was 120/80 and I had been smoking for like 2 weeks. I stopped because I think they are going to test me again soon, and I got it tested. It was like 145/70. So anyways, I'd just thought I would share that with you :wave: . Keep smokin' :smoke:
  2. Actually when you get high and then go sit down or lay down on the couch your blood pressure rises continually. If you stand up and breath and sit back down it drops back down though.
  3. But I wasn't high when I got it tested
  4. So what your saying is that marijuana has been able to help your body stabilize its blood pressure, even while you aren't stoned?
  5. I think he may be referring to THC left in the body. It may not get you high, but it can still have therapeutic effects in your body.

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