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Weed Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tommy420R, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Ok so im currently on probation which totally blows, and of course i get drug tested every two weeks, Which is torture because i would love smoking weed, so anyways i came up with a plan, i was thinking, every week i get off until my probation ends i would buy a half eigth or an eigth or some dro or chron, and save it til im off my probation, now here is my question. If i let my weed that i buy sit over time which can possible be a couple months locked in a baggie but putting new weed in it every week, would the weed get all shitty and dry or would it be smokeable yet enjoyable for the time i get off, meaning i would like to save up a ounce of some flame shit by the time i get off so i can go all out, help me out, and yeah i thought that yeah i could stash the money away until i get off but knowing me i wouldnt be able to i would just spend it but if i stashed the weed instead and i legally cant smoke i could just stash that, so yeah would the weed get all sucky if i let it sit for a while?? please help me out guys :confused:
  2. Leaving it in a bag that long wouldn't be the best idea. You can put it in an airtight jar in the freezer and keep it good for a long while, or even just an airtight jar can keep your bud fresh for a long time. Honestly though, just put that money you would be spending in a pile and then just keep that pile separate from your other spending money, that way you can just have hella cash when your off probation and can go buy an O of some fresh chronic.
  3. Yea i say just stash the money away, so when your good to go you can get some fresh bud
  4. and a bigger bag of it too haha
  5. With The Money Buy Fake P And Just Keep On Blazeing!
  6. It would have to be completely air tight

    weed thats been sitting around for a while tastes stale, patui XP

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