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Weed Help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Reesesaddict, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. I thought I posted a thread but I guess it didn't post. Here's this:

    - weight: 210
    - height: 6 foot
    - build (skinny, average, overweight): average/little overweight
    - amount of physical activity: good amount, especially during school year. Probably 1 hour+ minimum daily.
    - date of drug test: random
    - date of last time smoke: it's for the future, I'll explain below
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days): Would be nothing
    - any other info that may help: so basically I am on random drug testing at school. This coming winter break, I want to smoke when I get back. Also I want to smoke over February break. Winter break I would have 2 weeks after when I smoke and I will probably get very very high. That said, how long will be with me for if it is one time? What about two times? Also for February break I will have around 1.5 weeks. If I smoke once how long will it be out of my system. During the breaks I plan on doing lots of exercise and drinking lots of water.
  2. I'd say that you shouldn't smoke for a few months leading up till December (October on) then smoke during winter break for a few days and after that your headed straight to your overflow of water and working out to get rid of that THC

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  3. Smoking once will keep it in your system for no more than about 3-4 days

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  4. I think it would probably be within your legal rights to know just exactly what is the cut off level for the test. Perhaps call the school and ask them to find out since they have already told you they will do it you need to ADEQUATELY understand what exactly they mean when they say "pass" or "fail"...perhaps u can also ask another seasoned stoner at the school...they may know the ins and outs of the institution.
    Call and ask the school the thc cut off limit .... if they refuse to tell u then smoke weed and when they test you just say you thought that you were below the school's 'legal limit' since u asked and were not told... legally how can u get in trouble if u don't know what is the cutoff for the lab used by the school for drug testing. It's like a country allowing drinking and driving below a certain blood alcohol content and not letting the citizens know the threshold...this can't happen in a first world country which I'm boldly assuming you reside in. Good luck

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  5. Well I guess telling us what will happen if you fail would be useful.***

    You will probably be fine for winter break...I have ALWAYS passed in 2 weeks. With exact same diet with no modulation in water intake other than keeping a little more hydrated and actually making an effort to drink 64+ oz/day.

    160 pounds and not overweight at all though.

    Everybody has a different metabolism could be fast or slow metabolizer.

    Used to smoke right after tests for a day and then go back to Tbreak. It's a crapshoot though bro.
  6. If I get caught I get expelled. I have a pretty slow metabolism so I'm not sure.
  7. Then it's not worthwhile. Enjoy what's left of the summer. That's a long enough time to not smoke until winter break for there to be almost no point. 1-2 times and risk getting expelled? I wouldn't man. To be fair I've flunked out of probation before. Live and learn.

    Weed isn't going anywhere.
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