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Weed has completely changed me

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. idk if I lost my ego or something, but I have such a positive perspective on life now. There are so many things that I have changed my mind on since I started smoking. Just about everything I can think of I am starting to view positively. I don't see negativity anymore. Even in bad situations all I can see is ways to succeed in them. 
    I'm working out, I'm taking interest things, I'm much more confident now, I have started developing better relationships with my family, and the list goes on. I've made almost all of these changes due to weed. I started out just smoking to try it out/to fit in but it really is an amazing plant. I really don't get why it is illegal, it makes no sense!

  2. thats really nice! i hope that weed would some day change me for the better like that someday haha.

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    It may be my thinker's mind. Do you ever smoke alone? I find thoughts flow so naturally when you're high, and if you don't try to control them then you'll gain wisdom somehow. 
    Try smoking alone one night outside somewhere and just staring at the stars and just think. 
  4. half the time im smoking alone.. i dont really think we have the same "thinker" mind you you referred to so maybe its a bit different!
    smoking alone outside seems like a nice idea :D

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    that's nice. for me it changed me for the positive but i never gave it a fair shot because i started messing with other drugs to quickly. Other drugs taint the glory of marijuana.
  6. Nice, for me I just don't give a sht* about negative things.... because I know smoking a bowl will solve em anyways.
  7. yea same for me i do feel like it changes me and lets me be more positive however this only happens the next day after smoking wish it last long term like yours though! 
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    Hey man, just giving you a heads up, it is a really great plant, but it also can change people in bad ways, let me say this dont abuse it to much because there are side effects to it, i dont care what people say but it does over time lose apatite, short term memory lose, and can make you feel different, at the state your in right now i bet you probably want to be high 24/7, use it correctly , not wrongly. Use it only when you feel you deserve to. Now weed interacts differently with other people, and not always for the good way, each one of us is different and different brain chemistry. It may also harm some people and thats why its not legalized everywhere.
  9. You are so very wrong in so many ways.

    The illegality of weed is because hemp would easily take over 100+ multi billion corps including hemp oil which is what the first fords were ran on. Paper would be changed to hemp, shit just about all shirts. Brain chemistry doesn't matter, if you're an adult with a matured mind thc and other compounds in marijuana wouldn't negatively effect it. Usually all bad things that happen to people when they smoke is because they were already predisposed to the condition.
  10. Same thing happened to me OP.
  11. i have experienced ego death many times from smoking weed. it keeps me in check. i find it psychedelic like that. i realize bad things a lot too and i gain a lot of new perspectives all the time from it. i would say it has given me a pretty neutral mind set in general. 
  12. Weed definitely made me more laidback and open minded. And it really relaxes me after a day of lifting. But also, I've talked to people I went to highschool with, and they've told me I got more relaxed and nice haha. But then again, I was a prick in highschool

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  13. I can totally relate! Cannabis reincarnated me as a better man, when I started indulging, I started to utilize my prefrontal cortex (critical thinking) more often, and less of my amygdala (seat of emotions). I have modified my behavior by adapting the laid-back and calm nature,and developed a neutral mindset.

    As for Ego Death? I did some research, and it said that the ego is located in your Frontal lobe which also deals with personality, and a variety of functions, so if you don't hold any emotional attachment towards "your identity", then it can be possible.
  14. Psychedelics are known to destroy the ego, so since weed is a very mild psychedelic, it makes since. :)
    If only everybody would lose their ego...
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  15. Weed made me see the light on many situations, both good and bad. But hey, truth is truth. Red pill, or blue?
    It's strengthened some relationships and weakened others. But if the truth could weaken relationships, how strong were they to begin with?
  16. He's pretty spot on about the first part not about the illegal part though. It's true it can change people if abused, it can make people lazy and unmotivated. For example look at this site, half the people are working minimum wage jobs and have achieved nothing in life. The only common factor there is how they all just smoke weed all day everyday. It's a great plant don't get me wrong but in moderation. To much of anything can be bad.
  17. Lol...
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    Yea weeds tight
    Same happened to me

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    You're lucky. That's not the effect it has on everyone. Just don't go over the top with it or you will start to see a decline in those positive changes. 

    I often question whether it's the weed itself or the monetary cost that turns some people into dick heads. I think it's probably a mixture of both.

    I might get slated for that kind of comment but I don't think anyone who's done a fair bit of stoner networking can truthfully say they don't know at least one person whose life has been diminished by the use of cannabis. 

    I'm not one to bury my head in the sand when it comes to chemicals I put in my body - that's all. It's frustrating when I see people who are evangelical about cannabis thinking there's no down side.  
  20. that's how it was for me too. But ya wanna know what made weed a bad thing? People. The same people who say it's such a terrible thing are literally the only bad thing about it.

    If I could openly smoke weed and didn't have to worry about drug test for jobs my life would be so much better but it's not so I still have to treat a plant like I would cocaine.

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