Weed has caused me to have chronic eye pain

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  1. Hello, I’ve been smoking weed on average of two times a week for a little over a year now. For the first year I was able to smoke with no eye pain whatsoever yet one day I took very large hits off of my friends pen. After this my right eye felt like it was strained and popped out for the entire night. When I woke up the feeling was still there which was a strained pressure sort of feeling. A few months go by and I’m still experiencing this pain on a daily basis and it gets significantly worse when I smoke. Then two months ago my right eye began to develop serious floaters like 24/7 and I only see them in bright light areas. I’ve seen numerous doctors and they all say my eyes are healthy and they see nothing wrong. Yet my right eye still feels strained and popped out and I have constant floaters still. My eyes also get super bloodshot when sober for two days then subside to normal at random points. I’ve read that many people have had similar eye pain experiences due to smoking weed and it pisses me off because it seems hardly weed sites want to talk about the negative effects. Sure they say it’s good for glaucoma but there’s other effects they’re unwilling to talk about. I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this shit and if anyone knows a potential solution please respond.
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  2. Propaganda. And if somehow this is a serious post then you need to go see a eye specialist not just a doctor. You need medical help and I don’t think weed is the culprit. Only thing I could think is you coughed so hard it did something wrong. But I doubt that. Like I said either propaganda or your not talking to the right doctors. Did you mention your weed use ?
  3. I’ve seen multiple eye specialists and they say they see nothing wrong. I don’t want my serious post to be discredited because you think I’m slandering weed. I’m stating the facts because it took me months to find a forum that actually talked about the problem i was having.
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  4. Also
    Also if you think I’m the only one talking about this do some of your own research on this forum and you’ll see others with exactly the same problem.
  5. Maybe you sucking on the pen to hard causing some kind of pressure issue
  6. Possibly, I did see an eye doctor though and they took the pressure of my eyes and they were both normal.
  7. Which forum is talking about the same issues? This one?

    Ok...so assuming what you're saying is legitimate...
    You went from smoking to vaping, without having had any problems smoking prior...
    As it's been suggested you may have pulled it too hard and somehow messed with the pressure behind your eye, or perhaps even ruptured a blood vessel? That's pretty easy around the eyes, and injuries of that nature can be felt for quite some time as it's a sensitive area.

    Have you had any actual retinal/head scans? - I know you say you've consulted actual specialists (which I hope is true, making the claim you have helps nothing here) but an external examination only may not show everything that it could be - I'd suggest if you haven't, that should be your next step.

    Are the subsequent times you've triggered this smoking, vaping, or both?
    Is it always/just happening when you're using marijuana?
    If that IS the case...then what you need to do is stop for a month, then try again.
    Either what's there will have healed/got better...or you have some weird weed triggered eye problem...and even saying that sounds a little far fetched.
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  8. I am getting a cat scan per recommendation of a doctor which hopefully holds an answer. The pain behind my eye has increased several times from using weed recently though I haven’t been feeling it. Some days I barely feel it others I feel it constantly. I am definitely not smoking for a good amount of time to figure out the problem and I can assure you I’m not lying about going to these specialists. I went to an ophthalmologist and neuro-ophthalmologist and neither could produce a definite reason as to why I’ve been experiencing the pain.
  9. If you believe weed is causing pain in your eye then don’t do weed. Pretty simple.

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  10. I’ve stopped for a week I’m worried that weed has caused irreversible pain.
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  11. So you've been checked by specialists & they say you're fine.. why are you still bothered if a doctor said you're fine?:confused_2:

    If you think it has something to do with smoking weed then quit smoking it.
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  12. dry eyes can cause this - and yes you can have one eye get dry - your sinus is tied to your tear ducts - dry mouth can cause dry sinus which can cause dry eye - get some natural tears eye drops and see if they dont help
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  13. Ok guys, don't take this post as a joke.

    I'm a 22y-o male and been having very similar experiences from 3years ago.

    I used to smoke weekly, not too hard. Then one day my RIGHT eye decided to be in pain everytime I smoke pot.
    Tried eye drops, smoking less, stopping for months multiple time (even stopped a year).
    I recently tried back 2 months ago and the first time brought me back in terrible pain. LIKE scream worthy. Second and third were fine.
    Years before just smelling made an unpleasant twitchspasm in/behind my eye.
    Like op, I've seen many professional last one being an eye urgeon with expertise in physical damage.
    Im 100% fine.
    No dryness. not glaucoma. Tested many times(twice a year)
    It is most likely a psychological pain or a migraine.

    To people that say, if its weed, then stop weed. It's not about craving marijuana, it's about knowing whats wrong, what can be done. AND WHY there's something wrong (In my case 95% of the time)

    I wish you the best OP, take a break, lower your doses,bring drops, you can use a damp towel on your eye regulary incase theres is the tears being blocked up.
  14. Guys..... I stopped shoving things in my ass and my hole is closing up now?!?! I thinks its the weed....What should I doooooooo? For the love of fuck!!!!
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  15. Your case is very interesting, you stopped putting weed in your ass for the love of fucking? Such a courageous man .
  16. Yeah I know... I've seen hundreds of specialists and they can't figure it out... But I have an appointment with God on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get some answers.... Thanks for your concern!!
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  17. I too have had something similar..I greened out a couple of days ago whilst green g iut my vision was distorted all the other symptoms I had whilst greening out went away but my vision is still distorted I have really blurry vision..I've never had any problems with my eyes before..I went to a&e due to pain in eyes and blurry ness and they said my eyes were fine but I'm seeing an eye doctor tomorrow so hopefully he will be able to tell me more
  18. Instead of smoking/vaping, give edibles and/or tincture a shot and see if problem persists.
  19. I’ve been dealing with this... what’s wrong w me?
  20. If this is only when “sober” your friends pen had pesticides in it and/or something else that has done you over

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