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Weed hangover?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalhead2273, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hello, i started smoking about 7 months ago, i used to not do it a lot but now i've started smoking once a week (i know that's not a lot for you daily tokers). I assume my tolerance remains very low since i dont smoke too often. I usually make a waterfall bong and take about 3 hits and get very high. after the high i get the burnout feeling obviously and then i usually go to sleep (i usually toke at night). I have a pretty good sleep but i can't sleep for more than like 8 hours (usual for me) and then when i get up for the rest of the day i feel still kinda burnout, tired, eyes kinda blurry and spinning, can't think or concentrate well (bad cause i have to go do school work now..very difficult)
    is there a way to prevent this or what can i do?
  2. I know exactly what you're talking about, and the only way to really prevent it is by smoking a lesser amount. This usually happens to me the morning after I get really high, but it usually goes away within an hour for me. Try doing something that requires a lot of concentration when you first wake up to get your mind going.
  3. Smoke it off. :smoking:
  4. Yeah happen to me when I smoke to much at night.

    But what you should do is try smoking earlier during the day.

    And be active after you come down off your high that way you don't get all sleepy and drowsy.

    Works for me!
  5. Haha no, i have to do a lot of work
  6. when you get up force yourself to exercise. it will cleanse your mind and your body and you will feel much better.
  7. i just went for a walk, it did help a bit
  8. your still high. your lungs take up to 55 hours to process all the thc. with your low tollerance its still enough for you to feel something
  9. Where did you get that "55 hours to process all the thc" ? I find that really hard to believe
  10. Hey, when I fist started smoking I smoked a lot of dank bud with sime everyday tokers...the next morning I was still a little bit high...and like and hour later the high wore off...and was replaced by that worn out tired feeling...only thing that I've tried personally that helps, is to stay well hydrated and active, like idk where you work but I work at hyvee(food market store) so I would be the one voulentering for makes you look good and it wears off faster, I also buy these exspensive lemoniads at work when I'm hung they taste great, and make you hydrated so you feel great too...but you could just drink water and be fine :)
  11. Yeah, it's probably happened to everybody. You get super high, super late at night, and automatically feel like shit in the morning.

  12. I only get weed hangovers when I eat edibles.

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